Your Blog Needs Pillar Content and We Will Tell You Why

By crux creative solutions

March 23, 2020

Your Blog Needs Pillar Content and We Will Tell You Why

“Content is King”- said way too many times because it’s true!

If you have a website for any length of time, you most probably have read about the importance of your content, especially on homepage and blogs, many times.

Having quality content is of utmost importance, but “quality content” can mean different things to different people. In reality, it is more about what matters is your content is satisfactory to the readers and provides them with whatever they’ve been looking for.

The most common approaches to providing an exceptional level content is to create pillar posts, also known as cornerstone content. A pillar post in a technical term means an important article that can serve as a foundation or backbone for your website. Crux, a creative agency in Gurgaon suggests you to have in-depth pillar posts that directly target the audiences. Since it is in-depth, it is usually long.

Well! Not all long articles are pillar posts, only the in-depth ones, that give ideas about your product/service and find the solution for the users. Let us see why we use pillar posts:

To Stand Out from the crowd

There are millions of blogs online, and several others are underway. It becomes easy to lose in the crowd. For your blog to be a success it needs to stand out, especially if your blog is in a crowded niche.

Superior quality pillar posts can assist you in establishing yourself as a great blogger, Readers will take notice and will consider you an expert in the field. You can use pillar post to your advantage by creating detailed, customised and interesting topics. It is also important for your branding.

Helpful to Readers and Visitors

A successful blog is not the one that only creates traffic for your website, but should also provide genuine content that is helpful to readers/visitors. Although, high chances are that readers will be attracted towards informational pillar posts as they can learn a lot from free content. And, if your content is genuinely helpful to the visitors, it is a long-term win.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content as opposed to trendy content will not phase out any time soon and will always be in demand. Trendy and ‘in’ content can quickly become outdated and obsolete.

That being said, not all pillar posts will be evergreen, but most of them are. For an evergreen pillar post, you may update it now and then, but the topic has to be something which will be relevant for a long long time. These kinds of content is useful because it can attract traffic even in the future, unlike the new trendy topics. Users mostly want to read about the background before jumping on to the latest trends.

Attract Email Subscriber

One of the important tasks is to get the visitors on the email list, so the latest changes and updates can easily be communicated to the users. Email lists are also important because it is easier to connect to most passionate and loyal users and you do not have to be dependent on Google or social networking platforms for all kinds of traffic.

Pillar post is a great source for enticing email subscribers. When you create a blog content or a pillar post, the goal should be to provide enough information, so that the user would subscribe to your email list for more such knowledge sources.

To Attract Links

Pillar posts are also helpful in attracting inks from other blogs or websites. If your pillar post is truly an informational powerhouse that is not easy to find anywhere else- you are likely to link when someone is writing about a related topic.

For SEO Purpose

Pillar posts are known to rank high on a search engine like Google.

Google loves its lengthy, in-depth content with lots of keywords and phrases that naturally occurs in the article. With an in-depth pillar post you are more likely to use words that will rank high on the Google search. Google is also fond of quality content that keeps visitors on its page for a long time. If you focus on writing the best content, it is a great start altogether.

Social Media Shares

Readers can share pillar posts through their social media platforms. A quality content tends to get hundreds and thousands of shares on social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

More shares=More visitors=More Exposure

All leading branding agencies in India will advise you to have social share icons on your post to make it simpler for visitors to share the content on their preferred platform. Some use the icon to top, some on bottom, as long as it is easier to spot, it is a good sign.

Final Words

Pillar posts require a lot of time and efforts, but the result is amazing if done right. It is a good time to take out some scope and brainstorm article ideas. We, Crux Creative Solutions, a leading branding agency in Delhi NCR can help you find the best content, curate it and personalise it just for you.

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