The New Dawn of Digital Marketing: Influencer Marketing

By crux creative solutions

Jul 15, 2022

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One of the key developments in digital marketing a few years ago was influencer marketing. Its greatest asset was that it assisted brands in finding a solution to their most difficult marketing problems, gaining consumers' confidence. Influencers establish solid, enduring bonds with a large audience who respect their judgment on a variety of issues.

Brands may take advantage of this trust and create an emotional bond between their goods and services and potential customers when they launch advertising campaigns with influencers. Many of the leading digital marketing agency in Gurgaon is making use of this trend.

One of the best digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon opines that influencer marketing overcomes their ad fatigue and helps improve brand credibility. Different categories of influencers have emerged over time. In essence, they can all be classified based on how big their following is and how they specialize in particular areas. They span a wide range of sectors, including beauty, apparel and clothing, cosmetics, lifestyle, nutrition, travel, organic products, and many more.

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Future trends of influencer marketing

Hyper focusing on niche influencers- The term "influencer" refers to social media accounts with millions of followers. Now, anyone with more than a few thousand followers qualifies as a virtual influencer, and these specialized accounts are crucial when it comes to social media for business advice.

The popularity of social media has given rise to a wide range of influencers, from Instagram models to TikTok comedians. A fantastic potential for influencer marketing has arisen as a result of the enormous increase and diversification of content. Influencers are frequently divided into the following size categories:

  1. Nano influencers have 0 to 10k followers
  2. Micro influencers have 10k to 100k followers
  3. Mid influencers have 100k to 500k followers
  4. Macro influencers have 500k to 1M followers
  5. Mega-Macro influencers have 1M+ followers

Creators who make waves across multiple platforms- Influencers in the past could have stuck to their preferred channels, building their fan bases one channel at a time. However, influencers are now setting up shop on all channels, and marketers need to pay attention.

The more platforms an influencer uses, the larger their net is, and the more audience they carry from channel to channel. A social media influencer is probably followed by users on various accounts. Look for influential individuals who are forward-thinking and who post on the most useful platforms, such as:


Now and in the future The king of social media marketing would be Instagram. Instagram is used in 90% of influencer marketing campaigns, and 46% of influencer marketers choose Instagram as their main channel. Instagram in particular offers a phenomenal ROI for influencer marketing, increasing revenues by 82 percent over the previous year.


The newest player in town, TikTok, is a dynamic environment. In the last five years, Tiktok's user base has increased from 65 million to more than 1 billion. better still? Compared to other platforms, TikTok has a substantially greater percentage of influencer involvement.


More than anything, YouTube demonstrates that influencers are the new "famous." Teen YouTube viewers claim to relate to producers more so than pop culture figures in the proportion of about 70%. Sixty percent of all subscribers stated that they would rather get shopping advice from artists than from celebrities.

Playing the long game with long term partnership- Forget one-time relationships with brands. Building enduring relationships is the foundation of influencer marketing. Recognizability and authenticity are more crucial than ever to social media users.

A social media influencer's continued endorsement of the same product comes off as devoted, sincere, and real. As a result, the influencer established themselves as a reliable customer who can speak about the company's products and services and persuade their followers to give them a try.

You may increase consumer confidence by offering influencers a "package deal," which will benefit your team. Additional benefits include the following.

  1. Shorter time for marketing campaigns
  2. Publish more frequently
  3. Create a distinctive brand
  4. Goal-oriented customers

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