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By crux creative solutions

April 13, 2021

Digital Marketing in Today's World

The digital transformation, which had been simmering for years, was thrust into the spotlight all of a sudden. If it wasn't digital, it wasn't happening in many cases. According to McKinsey, some brands saw ten years of digital growth compressed into just three months. A digital transformation is no longer an option; it's a necessity. As a result, the digital customer journey has become one of the most critical business tools. Despite this, many customers' customer journey buckets are leakier than a colander. Here are some of the lessons we being a digital marketing company in Gurgaon have adopted for better success rates.

Lesson 1: Don't say a No

So you got someone to look at your website – that's fantastic! However, there is some bad news. According to our research, 47% of these visitors will leave before you have a chance to connect with them.

With a bounce rate of 75%, the B2B industry suffers the most, demonstrating the need to communicate value quickly before the visitor loses interest. Energy (38%), grocery (40%), and travel (42%) had the lowest bounce rates, indicating that visitors were more focused on their purpose, such as paying bills or buying their weekly groceries.

People are also more likely to bounce when using a mobile device, reflecting our less patient relationship with digital, which is heavily reliant on instant gratification. It's no surprise, then, that mobile bounce rates are high across the board (except B2B, where tablets performed the worst). With mobile traffic expected to increase by 16 per cent in 2020, what a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR would do is nail the mobile experience.

Lesson 2: Don't Give Up Just Yet

You've avoided the obstacles and have convinced your customer! But hold off on the champagne; you haven't yet crossed the finish line.

In the year 2020, 45% of all web content went unnoticed. This rises to 60% and 59 per cent in the Beauty and Apparel industries, respectively – a huge number. All that effort for content that the majority of people will never see.

Furthermore, we discovered that the average scroll rate (or the percentage of the page viewed by a user) is only 56.8%. Even if a visitor gets to your content, they'll be missing out on nearly half of it.

We also discovered that in 2020, users spent an average of 8 seconds less on each page than they did the previous year, 54 seconds versus 62 seconds in 2019. Time spent on-page is a good indicator of content engagement, and the B2B industry has the highest time per page, at 1m 37s, implying that B2B audiences are more engaged than we previously thought.

Lesson 3: Close The Deal

The user interacted with your content and stayed on your site. It's incredible. Now comes the most crucial step: closing the deal.

We've focused on eCommerce because the range of conversion goals can be wildly different between industries. We found an average conversion rate of 1.8 per cent across all sectors, down from 2.4 per cent in 2019.

The decrease in Conversion Rate could be due to a rise in search volume in 2020. People were wasting their free time on the internet, and their frustrations with the lockdown may have been channelled into online window-shopping. We saw exceptionally high traffic spikes at the start of the Covid-19 quarantine.

Grocery brands had the highest average conversion rate (5%), indicating that people looked for something specific, whereas Luxury had only 0.8 per cent. Mobile browsing is significant in the luxury industry, and the conversion rate for mobile continues to be a problem.

Moral of the story

Although there are still doubts about the stickiness of our new habits, it's clear that 2020 shook the digital experience boat. The shift to mobile consumerism is accelerating, and it's more important than ever to check all of the technical boxes if you want to reach, engage, and convert your audience.

At Crux - digital marketing agency in Gurgaon we believe we don't need to tell you that the digital customer journey is the new marketing battleground. We're excited to see some new and innovative approaches to creating memorable digital experiences. One thing is sure: even though many brands already have a solid online presence, the race to understand and capitalize on changing digital behaviours is on. Will you come out on top in that race? If you do, your customers may thank you!

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