Explainer Video Everything You Need To Know!

By crux creative solutions

January 7, 2020

Explainer Video Everything You Need

Whenever you find a new product that you recently heard about, there is a lot of time and efforts involved in researching it. And, if you’re one such person, you’re in luck- because there is probably a video about it. Most websites have information written on their site about the product/services, but the most popular one is to relay this information to the prospective customer through an explainer video.

What is an explainer video?

A short-video which usually is used for marketing or sales purposes, highlighting the company’s product, service or business idea convincingly and compellingly is an explainer video. All corporate video-making company in Delhi NCR and all around the world swears by hosting the explainer video on the landing pages or just feature it on the homepage. It can also be used for advertising purpose on social media.

Features that make a good Explainer video

Every exceptional and detailed explainer video have 5 common points, which are:

Accurate length: A video must be short and very precise, mostly around 3 minutes or less.

Call-to-action: An explainer video should specify what they are focusing on without confusing the audience.

Problem-solving: It must address a specific problem, explain the product/service and telling the audience why they are the solution.

Sync audience and brand: Explainer video must match the tone and style of the brand, that will make it easier to remember.

High Quality: Production and quality of content must be top-class to effectively communicate the brand’s value.

What Type of Explainer Video Should You Make?

To create an explainer video, you need to come terms with what type of explainer you want to create. Most explainer videos fall under 3 main categories.

  • Animated: According to Crux’s survey, a leading animated explainer video production company in Delhi NCR, the most popular option amongst entire explainer video is animated explainer video and it is used frequently because of its visual and relative ease to create. There is hardly any extensive productions required and due to its educational format, animated videos are mostly visually interesting. There is a wide range of animated videos, but some popular styles are:
  • Infographic: Charts, graphs and also iconography is emulated in the style of an infographic whilst explaining the crucial features and key elements of the product/service.
  • Chalkboard: We all have seen this over-utilised animated explainer video everywhere. It is a style where the business elements are explained while writing on a chalkboard or whiteboard. It is the most popular one because of how easy it can put forward the point.
  • Product Simulation: The screencast footage of the product is featured, giving high-level, information induced explanation of the product/service.
  • Character-Driven: This style uses quirky and cute characters to tell a story and explain the product/service.
  • Motion Graphic: It is usually 3D graphic, this explains or aims to tell the story through the representational object to incite the audience’s imagination with pictures rather than words.
  • Live-Action: We all seen the ‘Trivago-Hotel’ video, where a man comes in and explain the entire deal with the company and how it has been useful to him. That is what a Live-Action explainer video is about. It uses people and objects to explain the company’s ideas. This is one kind which is difficult to pull-off, but if done right, it can be of high utility. One has to be exceptionally creative, thoughtful to keep everything interesting. These videos usually have a spokesperson who takes viewers through a visual journey.
  • Crowdfunding: This usually involves a combination of the animated and live-action type of video. Usually, every crowdfunding video is an explainer video by nature. It usually is longer than all of the types as it needs to contain almost all information. A crowdfunding explainer video can make or break a campaign and can result in high profitability.

To get your product/service out there in the market and advertise it to the fullest trust only the best corporate video production company in Delhi NCR. Crux Creative Solutions is always here lend you a helping hand to make your brand, THE BRAND.

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