How Video Marketing Strategy Drives Business Value?

By crux creative solutions

January 29, 2019

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Now recognized as an integral part of digital marketing, Videos have become a lot more than just being a series of pictures. Videos are used as a great digital marketing tool these days because they are extremely effective for raising brand awareness, generating new leads and engaging customers to the brand. Due to their growing popularity, marketers at CRUX, the leading corporate video making company in Delhi NCR, never forget to include videos in the digital campaigns.

Before 2015, videos were not in rage! However, today videos have become a crucial element of top-notch digital marketing companies because including videos on your landing page increases conversion rates by 80% and including them on your homepage increases conversion rates by 20%. Here are some more statistics to help you in understanding the crucial importance of video marketing in promoting business,

  • According to 90% of consumers, watching videos about products help in creating a purchasing decision, whereas 64% of consumers land up buying the products after watching the video.
  • Because videos are fun to watch, 75% of the executives watch videos related to their business and 59% of them only love to watch video than reading textual content.
  • 92% of mobile users share videos on social media daily.
  • 87% of digital marketers include video content in their content marketing strategies because video drive more ROI to the business as compared to other mediums.

Want to know how?

Being one of the best corporate video production company in Delhi, we have discovered some top reasons why the businesses should choose video marketing to become the leading brand in the market.

Video boosts conversion and sales: According to CRUX, leading animated video production companies in India, videos can get you some serious amount of money because adding videos increases conversions by 80%. Moreover, conversions and sales are co-related as most of the people who watch videos, prepare themselves to create a purchase decision, which eventually leads to sales. In addition, the major factor that makes videos a strong medium is that the messages transmitted through visuals create a great and longer impact on the customers. Imagine when a single picture is equal to thousands of words, then what 100’s of moving pictures can do to your business?

Videos can bring a great ROI to your business: Online video tools are constantly improving and becoming affordable because now smartphones can even make decent videos. Moreover, you do not need to be perfect while creating the videos; after all, it is the content that matters most. According to the latest researches, users mostly put off the videos that do not explain much about the product or service. Low quality and poor design did not matter nearly as much. We can say that videos are like pizza-when it is bad, it still tastes good.

Video brings trust and credibility: Trust is the foundation of any business, but building trust is not so easy. Video content is likely to engage audience because it has the power to ignite emotions. If you are a serious content marketer then you have to be serious about video too. After so much developments and advancements, still some consumers feel sceptical before buying products and services on the internet because they fear fraud and cheating. In this endeavour, videos play a major role by presenting your products in a conversational form. This creates a sense of individual approach and eventually builds huge trust and credibility.

Google and Videos are friends: Google loves Videos because they increase the time spent by visitors on your site. In the era full with the reluctant users, the need of the hour is to produce something can hold users for at least few minutes. Long exposures of audience on your website build trust and signals Google that your site has a good content. Make your videos optimized on YouTube because now Google owns YouTube. Doing this can increase your Google rankings. Write interesting titles and description, and add a link back to your products and services.

Video appeals to mobile users and encourages social share: 90% of the consumers watch videos on their mobile, which means, the video audience is getting bigger and bigger day by day. Social networks have also understood the rage of videos among the audience and have started including features that can help in boosting the business. Facebook has launched 3600 videos, option for live video, Instagram allows you to put 60-second videos and stories, and Twitter has started Periscope to allow you to put your video content in front of thousands of people.

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