Top 3 Google Ads Priorities for 2022

Google Ads offers light on their top three priorities for 2022: automation, measurement, and privacy. Learn how we, being one of the best creative agencies in Gurgaon, approach these topics.  Google Ads has committed to providing a better experience for its users as purchasing behavior shifts throughout the pandemic. Google Ads has revealed its top three priorities for 2022: automation, […]

Facebook – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

While concerns about Facebook’s role in our everyday interactive process and the negative consequences of fake news, disinformation, and the facilitation of the development for dangerous movements, remain; on the other hand, Facebook’s connective efforts are yielding positive results in several ways. One of them is through the promotion of causes, with Facebook’s unrivaled reach opening up new ways for […]

Data Experts Are the ‘new’ Influencers on Social Media!

Data scientists and healthcare experts have gained overnight popularity among regular social media users amidst COVID-19. Until three weeks ago, none of us had heard about Norbert Elekek. He is a self-proclaimed “data storyteller”, he is now famously known for tweeting COVID-19 statistics round the clock. He recently gained 1,80,00 followers in the last three weeks. He suddenly started showing […]