Content Code and Looks: Making Emails Effective

By crux creative solutions

March 31, 2021

Digital Marketing in Today's World

Content Code and Looks : Making Emails Effective

The foremost and the most formal way of pitching an idea or to initiate a campaign is Email. While other digital modes of communication still share a fair part of the limelight, email has its reserved audience. What might look blunt to many, is contemplated as to-the-point to many brand leaders. We at Crux being a digital marketing company in delhi ncr strongly believe that Email holds its own importance. The content might be pivotal enough for every mail, but nothing goes well without looks and the code to follow. Brands devote a significant amount of time to perfecting their email campaigns, spending weeks, if not months, ensuring that every detail is perfect. Furthermore, in this blog, let's discuss the three most important ingredients to cook the perfect Email.


Consumers are becoming more aware of when messages are overly promotional as technology and information become more widely available. The goal is to provide a good mix of engaging emails (how-to content, informational content, and so on) and promotions.

One way to achieve this is to incorporate content into your promotions. Make your promotional emails focused on the sale or offer and use your standout CTA to emphasize this focus. Then, perhaps beneath the main offer, you can offer additional free content that complements the offer, with a less attention-getting CTA. Accommodating valuable, readable content acts as a reading material for those who hold no regards of getting the services. This allows customers to dip their toes into the water without committing to a purchase, giving you a better chance to convert them later.


The goal of a constant Email is to keep your subscribers up to date on your company, products, and services. It's not, however, something that's commonly used in a hard sell. Instead of a pushy salesperson, an email newsletter should feel like an update from an interesting, helpful friend.

Not that these newsletters are just for keeping in touch. They can entice customers to take action, such as purchasing something or reading your most recent blog post. Your marketing campaign's newsletters are often its lifeblood. Email marketing has proven to be far more effective than social media marketing over the last decade.

According to researchers and our belief being a digital marketing agency in delhi ncr; email marketing is 40 times more likely to bring in new customers than Facebook or Twitter. Your email list is also a better bet than social media followers. A social media site can go down at any time, and you'll lose contact with your followers. An email list is something you own.


As most designers and researchers point out, human brains are weird to process visual information 60k times faster than text. While it takes much longer for your recipients to read a plain text email, it only takes a second to process a visual one. In an overburdened inbox, this is a huge plus!

In the area of digital marketing services there will always be a debate in email marketing about whether plain text emails are better than HTML emails or the other way around. You should keep in mind that if you only send plain text, you won't be able to track your email opens, which will make it difficult to track the campaign's results, and your messages will be visually unappealing. Email can introduce and showcase your brand in the best possible way, and the best way to do so is with interesting visual content.

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