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By crux creative solutions

June 04, 2018

Believe it or not, but today, as we breathe in 2018, social media has developed as the most powerful marketing tool for businesses. The social media world, populated with millions of users, present more and more innovative means of engaging people. Subsequently, such innovations led to the inception of social bots. Being one of the best social media marketing agency in Delhi NCR, we have seen many brands experimenting with these bots to improve their customer service process. So, if you are a social media marketer, then it becomes quite crucial for you to comprehend what are these social bots and how to reap advantages out them.

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What are social bots?

Bots (short for robots) are an upshot of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They can be referred as chatbots that assist a social media account in varied ways. Social bots act like a real person and do things expected of a real person. They respond to messages, manage the account and generate content. They display human-like behaviour, convincing the other party that they are real people while the truth remains that they are nothing but automated software.

Let us now check out how these social bots will open new prospects for social media marketers:

Individual interactions and personal experience

For any social media marketing company, customer experience takes a paramount place. Social bots enormously help with this aspect. They assist in offering an improved and enhanced customer experience through individual interactions. An interesting chatbot interface will furnish superior user-time. Reports have further revealed that personalised experience provide more click-through rates.

They offer improved engagement

As a leading Social marketing agency in Gurgaon, we understand well that people usually turn to social media to engage a wider audience. Social bots take this idea forward. They aid in engaging more and more customers with their new interaction techniques. They employ content that drives interest and curiosity of customers. Teeming with visual content, video and images, they present better opportunities for engagement.

As a creative digital marketing company, we often see that creative content can fetch traffic but doesn't guarantee to convert them into a lead. Consequently, the second step after creating great content is to find a way of not letting your traffic be strolled away. Such a situation exhibits the importance of the call to action. Every post, blog or email that you send must conclude with a CTA so that you don’t let the lead get away. However, the call to action that you intend to put must be creative and a far cry from the boring, conventional ones.

Popularity of messenger apps

Why are chatbots being accepted with utmost alacrity? It is the popularity and growth of messenger apps that have compelled people to welcome chatbots with open arms. Having a steady experience of being a reliable social media agency in India, CRUX has witness how people have become obsessed with messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Snapchat etc. As a result, people find themselves familiar with chatbot technology. It also comes as a platform where companies and brands can personally interact with customers.

Reduced response time

Customer service is the backbone of any company. It is here where we get to know whether the customer is happy and satisfied, or not. Chatbot technology has immensely reduced customer response time. Being a recognised Facebook marketing agency in Gurgaon, we know quite well how wait-time is the principal criterion that tells whether a customer will return or not. More the wait time, the more it is likely that you will never see that customer again. Hence, chatbots give quick responses and resolve customer problems instantly; result? Happy customers.

Collection and analysis of customer data

Chatbots are designed to understand customer behaviour and furnish data and analysis accordingly. They are built to provide varied kinds of customer insights and predict customer behaviour. Such study helps the brands to manoeuvre strategies of nurturing more leads and increasing user engagement. As a social media marketing company, we always leverage on analysis of every action taken for it is the only step that determines whether you are marching the right direction or not.

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