7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Logo Designed For Your Brand

By crux creative solutions

January 14, 2020

Logo Designed for Your Brand

To rise above a clutter, a symbol or logo is the fastest communication known to man. A great logo is recognizable even in a blink and tends to make a lasting impression.

The big M of McDonalds, Apples’ eaten apple logo, Nike goes swoosh and how can we forget Starbucks, these are the few examples of iconic logos. They are unique, memorable and stand the test of time. They are instantly doing what a potent logo would do:

  • Making the brand identifiable
  • Make it stand out
  • Drive customer interest and sales

We all know some great logos, but in that process, we forget that a great logo isn’t easy to create.It is one of the difficult tasks. The concept, colour scheme and there are other things to consider before boiling down your brand to a single emblem.

We being a logo design company in Delhi NCR have gained enough knowledge about logos and thus have listed out 7 questions that are essential to consider before designing the logo

1. What ‘type’ of the logo should you consider?

There are generally the four kinds: Wordmarks, Letterform, Pictorial and Abstract.

Wordmark is a multi-letter abbreviation or freestanding word. The best example of which is- GOOGLE, IBM and eBay.

Letterform comprises of a single letter, usually not an abbreviation like Honda, Uber and McDonalds.

Pictorial is illustrated by a symbol like Playboy with a pink bunny, Starbucks with a green woman, Twitter with a bluebird.

The abstract logo is which doesn’t use a symbol which can be directly linked with the brand name and the company that was able to pull it off is Nike, with a swoosh symbol.

So, there is a lot to consider before designing a logo. If your company name is short, letter work would be fine but if it is a long name, either pictorial or wordmark works best.

2. What are the key points that the logo should convey?

The logo- from its colour to its design should convey the brand image and message out loud.

When someone takes a look at your brand’s logo, there should be an instant connect and brand personality should reflect. As a creative logo design agency in Delhi NCR, we suggest a design that is recognisable in a blink of an eye that you’re different from the competitions and mean real business.

One great example of a very thoughtful logo design is AMAZON, the logo consists of the name of the brand and the arrow points from A to Z, representing how the company carries everything under the sun.

3. Which colour will be best suited to?

The choice of colour is of extreme importance. The biggest paramount is not to choose colours that your competitors have already embodied.

Consider the psychological punches of the colours as well like the red in Red bull is used to naturally representing the energy and the activeness. Blue in Samsung and Ford evokes confidence, calm and reliability.

4. Which font should be used?

Fonts, just like colours convey various emotions. Different fonts work completely different.

The font of a law firm and a candy shop cannot be the same. Just keep in mind your target audience and choose the font accordingly.

5. Should I be designing the logo all myself or hire a professional to do the job?

Even if you think that you are a decent artist and are on a tight budget, Crux suggests that you should leave the designing job to someone who has been in the field and knows in-and-out of it.

A trained graphic designer from a well-established logo design services in Delhi NCR, India will be able to provide you with a better result, more than an expense, it’s an investment. They will have a better idea about colours, design, fonts etc.

6. Once done designing, where should you place your logo?

Everywhere, on all online campaigns, social media posts, website. Offline on the front door, visiting card. Just make your logo recognizable.

7. Will it require touch-ups in future?

Every logo, even the insanely famous ones to some touch-ups every decade without changing the aesthetics of the logo. So just make sure there is scope for improvement and brush it now and then without completely altering it.

As a leading logo design agency in Delhi NCR, we have the right knowledge, talent and experience to design the best and unique brand logos for you. For more information, connect with us.

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