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May 1, 2019

Logo Designing Agency in Gurgaon

Do you want to shine in the market with an impactful brand logo? Three Cheers for you, if the answer is YES! A logo is not only the image of your brand’s core identity; it also has the power to give you recognition among your competitors in cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, and worldwide. A well-designed logo with right characteristics can boost your identity, strengthen your visibility, maximize your sales, and make you credible and memorable.

Now, the question is how will you get a bespoke logo design for your brand? Your answer is Crux Creative Solutions. Look no further, when we are here! We are a rock-solid logo designing agency in Gurgaon with an expert team of graphic designers to set you apart in this highly competitive market place with our logo designs.

Fundamentals of a good logo design

Nobody is born perfect! It takes time to become an expert in any field or industry. So has happened with us. Over time, we have developed us as the leading logo designing agency in Gurgaon by providing top-notch logo designing services to the clients. We work on every bit to prove our services above the mark. Therefore, we are presenting the five fundamentals that every professional logo designer needs to consider. Read more to know the logo designing fundamentals!


Do you believe that simplicity is the soul of efficiency? Crux Creative Solutions do! Graphic Designers sitting at our Gurgaon office believe in the fact that a clear and uncluttered logo provides an immediate sense of your brand identity. As an audience perspective, simplicity is always impactful. Being an important element of a brand, a logo is used on various platforms with different formats and sizes, so if it is a complex logo, its intricacies can get lost.

A simple logo has few elements and requires no assistance to communicate the brand’s identity to the audience. The first step is to eliminate the complexities of the logo and make it as simple as possible because a complex logo with different colours and various elements is a huge distraction for the audience.

Strategic use of colours:

Colours are all around us and they create a great impact on our moods, emotions, and behaviours! They have the ability to evoke our feelings and engagement if used in a strategic way. The experienced logo designing team at our Gurgaon office has an extensive knowledge of different colours and their psychology. Here are we sharing the psychologies behind some colours that we have discussed from our logo designing team.

  • Red: It shows the emotions of aggressiveness, love, energy, and passion.
  • Blue: Blue indicates intelligence & friendliness, hence finds a perfect place on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
  • Pink: It is a soft colour, usually associated with the items related to women.
  • Yellow: It is the colour of hope and freshness.
  • Green: It shows nature, freshness, and health.

Note: Incorporate colours in your logo that evokes the feeling that you want! For example, if your business deals with the young generation, then use red colour, or use yellow colour, if you are a restaurant owner. It will boost the hunger of your customers and eventually maximize your sales.

Scalable & Versatile:

Redesign your logo, if it is not visible when printed very large or very small! As discussed earlier, a logo works on different platforms. It can be as small as a pamphlet and it can be as large as a billboard. The logos created by our logo designing agency fits to all the platforms. They never lose the sense of proportion and remain highly attractive and efficient for the brands based out of Gurgaon and worldwide. To create the perfect logo, our logo designing team draws it with the help of design grids. This method works well in maintaining the balance among the various elements of a logo and makes it user-friendly for a number of uses and methods.


Is your logo unique enough to be memorised by your target audience? Marked as a top logo-designing agency in Gurgaon, we believe in creating a memorable piece of work! Logo designers at Gurgaon office try to bring a unique concept for shaping the memorable logos. For example, the triangle-shaped logo of Adidas shoes is unique; no other sports company has used it before and ever after. Logos such as Nike, Facebook, Apple, Audi, Starbucks etc. are impossible to ignore. To grab a unique logo design for your company, you can only trust the graphic designers of our logo designing agency in Gurgaon.


Start your business with an artistic logo design! Even making small changes in your logo leaves your audience confused and directionless. It is strictly unadvisable to create a new logo for your business every year. Thus, our logo designing agency gives the timeless design to logos created at our Gurgaon office. Along with keeping the artistic factors high, we match our logos with the contemporary style of designing, so that it does not look out of fashion. If you are looking for a logo designing agency to sparkle your business with great logo design, then visit our Gurgaon office. We will help you in setting you apart from the competition in the market!

How our logo designing agency in Gurgaon can do miracles for you?

If you want to turn your business into a brand, then you surely need us! We work closely with the brand, understand their goals, and create new fresh concepts to challenge convention. Here are the three factors that our logo designing agency in Gurgaon provides to satisfy the clients. Let us understand!


Creativity and Innovation run in the blood of our logo designing team! That is what differentiates us from the other agencies in Gurgaon and India. First, we conduct an intensive research and then we boast creativity in every bit of work. This makes the strategies relevant long after they have been implemented.

Affordable Packages

Having worked with various clients, we have learned to provide the best at the affordable rates. Our team bring the best out of each rupee spent on the project. To know more about our affordable packages, visit our Gurgaon office. An e-mail and call will work too!

Delivery on Time

Time waits for none! Then, how can it wait for you? We understand the importance of time and ensure our efforts are aligned with your needs. When it comes to delivering the projects on time, you can trust us blindly. We maintain a balance between time and work. In the race of delivering the project before time, our logo designing team never compromises with the quality of work.

Let’s connect!

Be it a brand of Gurgaon or Los Angeles, we are ready to work for all! At our logo designing agency, our services shout our quality of work out. Get in touch with the leading logo designing agency in Gurgaon to get a logo that depicts you! For more information, visit our office located at Gurgaon or give us a call. Unlike other agencies in Gurgaon, our diligent logo designing team promises to promote your brand in the world!

We create logos that have it all: Beauty & Brain!

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