5 Key Components of Good Logo Design

By crux creative solutions

October 28, 2015

Unique & Memorable

Blending does not make a logo, or a business, stand out. Making a unique logo makes your logo memorable and great. A logo can be unique in its color scheme, slogan or symbols and designs. Designing a logo to look different is good, one should not be hesitant if a logo does not look like competitors, stand out!


Different colors have different effects on people. Red is usually a bolder color that people notice first whereas blue is a calming color that people focus more on because it is not as harsh. Color can be changed depending on the situation, but a signature color is like a signature phrase, people connect those colors to your business. Black and white can be used as iconic colors for logos as well.


Sometimes less is more, so when it comes to your logo just keep it simple. The simpler your logo is; the more variety of mediums it can be used. A versatile logo is a great logo because you can increase branding techniques.

Wild words

Whether a logo uses a specific business name, or a short word that represents your business; words do increase a logo’s popularity. Words are another element, along with symbols, that increases your companies branding. Using a simple catchy word that leach’s onto people’s subconscious, is the way a logo will always be with them when they hear or see your phrase.


Logo must be relevant for the business it identifies. This is accomplished through in depth research into the industry involved, and helps to differentiate from closely associated competitors.

Once a new logo is made, based off of these elements, a business is ready to rock and roll! The next step is marketing a business to the world, which begins with a great logo !

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