How to create a logo design that remains etched in your audience’s mind?

By crux creative solutions

May 01, 2018

Looking for a new logo design?

A logo is a primary connection you build with your audience. It is that identity that expresses the ideology and purpose of your company and to which the consumer relates. CRUX Creative Solutions is one of the most reliable and outstanding logo designing agencies in Gurgaon. As a creative community we stress on creating logo designs that are easily remembered, makes an instant impact on the audience and induces happy and positive emotions in them.

And owing to our successful experience in providing the best logo design services in Delhi NCR; we have decoded the mantra to creating memorable logo designs. So, if you wish to design your own logo, here are a few tips on how to create brand logo designs that will do wonders to your business.

Make it simple yet impactful

Simple logos are likely to stay in your mind for a longer time. CRUX, known for being the top custom logo design company in Gurgaon, believes in the power of minimalism, the latest fad. Create logo designs which have a simple mark, the name of the company and complementing colors. Too much often becomes too gaudy.

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Use colors that attract

Use timeless colors in your brand logo design that remains attractive for years to come. Having steady experience of being a trusted logo design agency in India, CRUX always opt for colors that are not only attractive (oh, they should e strictly attractive) but evergreen too. We don’t want our logos to like a child’s play after a few years when the trends have changed. Also, never use more than three colors.

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Have a flexible logo

A logo design that can be transformed conditionally is more likable. And such flexibility has become a mandate lately owing to the extensive popularity of social media platforms. Google is a good illustration of this. Providing the best logo design services in Delhi NCR, CRUX also leverage in creating flexible logo designs.

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The logo should complement our company’s persona

If yours is a company in serious work then the same should be exhibited from your logo; vice versa if your company is more fanciful and is involved in a fun job then your logo can also be whimsical. For instance, the logo of Apple is all classy and minimalist while the logo of McDonald's is quirky.

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