Understand Three Reasons why the Logo of your Brand is Important

By crux creative solutions

February 07, 2019

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Let us think of our favourite brands without their logos! Nike, Apple, McDonald's, Audi, BMW, Puma, and many more, can you imagine these brands without their logos? They have a large consumer section in the society, yet these brands cannot agree to survive without their logos because they are their identity. More than the brand ‘Apple’, you are fascinated with the logo of a bitten apple. Right?

Being the visual representation of the brand’s ideology, the logo requires long research and great creativity to get well- crafted and uniquely designed. As anything, which is immensely attractive gets to stick to your mind, unique logo designs also make a lasting impression on the customers. Since not every logo can be impressive, so here are we sharing some basic things that must be present in the logo.

  • Attractive visual with proper font and design
  • Simple with a subtle message
  • Clear and Readable

Also in this blog, we at CRUX, the best logo designing agency are sharing the three major reasons because of which having a well-designed is logo is extremely important.

Logo: The first step to build brand identity

As said earlier, the existence of any brand is impossible without a logo. Sometimes we do not remember the brand’s name, but we know the logo. Why? Because visual representations have a greater and longer impact! Moreover, it is obvious for the logos to be stuck in the minds because they are everywhere. Whether, it is a brand’s screen, business card, letterhead, pull-up banner, vehicles, shop signage, product packaging, or newspaper advertisement, you can find the brand’s logo everywhere. On top of that, if the logo has gradient colours, fine details and unique content, then it becomes even more impossible to forget about the brand. Sometimes, these factors also help in bringing new potential customers by prompting them to look on the website.

Logo: The tool to differentiate you from others

Surviving in the market with the 50s of brands selling the same product is not so easy! Thus, the mantra to gain success is to present things differently from other competitors present in the market. Let us make you understand from an example; imagine there are 50 coffee shops in the market. Which one will you choose to visit? Naturally, you will be attracted to the shop with the best logo. Because, when you are new to a place then the logo is the only thing by which you can judge the quality of services provided by that brand. This is why a unique logo is needed. Through the right icon and proper font, it can communicate everything from the company's background to their long-term goal.

Logo: The tool to encourage your brand loyalty

Are you wondering how a logo can encourage your brand loyalty? As stated above, when a brand gets familiar, then people run behind that brand for just the tag. Like Apple Company has! Also, understand with an example of AMUL company, we all have grown watching AMUL strengthening its roots in India. In these 76 years of AMUL, it has developed an emotional connection with the consumers. This is the reason, the moment you see the logo of AMUL, a quick flashback runs in your head. Thus, brand loyalty is not build up in a day, but once it is built, it takes much effort to break it.

Being the excellent custom logo design company in Gurgaon, we understand the need of a unique logo. Therefore, if you do not have a logo or looking to revamp it then we would love to hear from you. Call us soon!

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