5 mistakes to avoid when designing your logo

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1. Logo Designed By An Amateur

An amateur will not have the same pronounced senses in terms of communication and design. For that, the amateurs must create their logos has via professionals and only professionals. A designer will be given meaning to a visual identity: a striking, well thought out, sober and elegant logo.

2. Neglect Typography

The font is one of the most fundamental factors of visual identity. Do not use too many fonts, different font sizes (maximum two) or different colors. Pay particular attention to the kerning and spacing of each letter. The font structures the final version of a logo, so choose your typography carefully.

3. Create A Logo With Photoshop Or Paint

The logo must have an irreproachable quality. A pixelized logo will not enhance your business. A logo must be vectorial (Without pixel) so it is imperative to work with Adobe illustrator software to design a high quality logo. Photoshop and Paint are image editing software and do not allow vector image creation.

4. Use Images Seen And Reviewed

Bubbles for “Discussion”, Bulb for “Ideas”, House for “Real Estate”. Here are some ideas that people perceive when creating his logo, very bad idea! Do not get into the lack of originality. This is undoubtedly a lack of professionalism and amateurism.

5. Copy The Other Logos

This is the biggest mistake in logo design and unfortunately it is becoming more common. The purpose of a logo is to represent a company, its values, its services. Often, amateurs copy partially or completely the logos of competitors. Very bad idea! Your professional logo must be unique and in the image of your company. Competitive research allows you to do better than your competitors without copying them.

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