6 design trends to create your company logo

To keep your company’s image modern, you can change your logo as trends change. Obviously, it is not necessary to change it every year, but a small refresh every 3/4 years can prove useful for your image.

So, if you intend to design own logo or modernize it this year, here are 6 trends to follow closely.

Flat Design

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Flat Design is still in the trend. The logo designs are simplistic, without shadows, gradations or 3D effects. Flat Design is often single-coloured, even if the shade can sometimes be darker or lighter.

Material Design

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Nicknamed “Flat Design in Google style”, Material Design is a concept launched by the search engine that consists in simplifying visual elements as much as possible.

For example, if you write your company name in Flat Design for the logo and you want to add an image representing your field of activity, then it will be an ultra-simplified and interactive icon if possible. This means that by clicking on your logo, the user will see the material element come alive.

The handwritten font

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Handwritten fonts have always been very successful and this will not change in 2018! This typography has the advantage of humanizing the company and giving it a certain authenticity. Two parameters that appeal to today’s consumers in search of personalization and values.

Geometric shapes

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For creative and innovative companies, geometric shapes will be popular this year. They induce a certain inventiveness, while conferring an impression of seriousness and rigour. They therefore tend to reassure potential clients about your artistic spirit and professionalism.

Bright colours

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Since Flat and Material Design remain the two main 2018 trends for your logo, bright colours follow logically. Once again, everything will depend on your sector of activity, because do not forget that there is a graphic code for each domain.

Negative spaces

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Overloaded logos, in one block, it’s over! From now on, it must be ventilated and have negative spaces. This means empty places between two initials, two words or inside a shape itself.

Obviously, these 6 trends should not be applied at the same time. But you can choose according to your field of activity and the values you wish to convey.

For innovation and technology, the interesting trends are flat design, material design and geometric shapes. For a larger public area, where you want to advocate family values and friendly, bright colors and handwritten font are an interesting combo.

In any case, if you have doubts about the new shape of your logo or if you don’t know how to make it, call on a logo designing agency. They will be able to advise you and create the perfect custom logo design for your company.

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