5 great ideas for your corporate video

Sites with a corporate video are usually highly valued. Yet corporate videos are often a little bit stuffy. At CRUX we always try to avoid this. We do this by thinking out of the box and asking ourselves with every good idea: is there not an even better idea? To inspire you, we have 5 great ideas for a corporate video.

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1. A humorous video

A corporate video is not the same as a TV commercial, but there are many points of contact. For example, the funniest advertisements are usually public favorites, and the same applies to corporate videos. The use of humor can take your video to a higher level. For example, a funny video will be shared more often, making your company better known. And remember: humor doesn’t have to be unprofessional. The positive effect of humor can convince potential customers.

2. A ‘why we love this company’ video

Letting employees speak with funny anecdotes and a short explanation of why your company is so fantastic, is a very effective strategy to promote your company. After all, a company with a healthy corporate culture is an attractive proposition for its customers. You can do this by means of interviews, but also in a vlog.

3. A project video

Are you working on a special project in which you can fully show what you have in house? Then it is certainly worth hiring a video grapher to film the process. In this way, the viewer can see what you are doing, how you are dealing with challenges and what results you are delivering.

4. A ‘how to’ video

How do you carry out a valuation as a real estate agent? How to put new windows in a car? How to set up an office or practice? Every company has a specialism, and the viewer is very curious about how that works. A ‘how to’ video gives a fascinating glimpse into your specialty.

5. An impression of atmosphere

Not every sector benefits from a humorous video, or a video that discusses a particular project. Sometimes it is more effective to overload the viewer with atmospheric images that lead to a positive feeling.

Get inspired?

Did the above ideas inspire you to make a corporate video? Or do you still have doubts and questions about the possibilities? Request a quote and we will tell you exactly what the possibilities are.

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