How to create an effective professional video with animation?

Often equated with childhood and entertainment, animation can also be a very effective tool for creating professional animated explainer videos.

Explanatory, educational or even promotional, all types of professional videos can take the form of animations. Although this style has become widespread in recent years, it is still quite original in the professional context, and can therefore distinguish itself in an impactful way.

Multiple creative possibilities

Animated video brings together different creative techniques, which have become more and more popular in recent years thanks to the rise of digital graphics. There are two main categories of animated video:

The cartoon, which consists, as its name suggests, in setting drawn elements in motion. Only with this technique, many styles are possible: recently, the style of the white board is in vogue, thanks to its aspect at the same time educational and in connivance with the spectator.

Digital animation, which also offers many possibilities: realistic style, flat design and vector animation, etc. This technique is very useful, especially to popularize complex processes or services or to explain abstract concepts in a simple way.

The advantages of animation video

Compared to a filmed video, animation video has many advantages that make it a serious option to consider when producing a professional video.

Energize: Animated corporate video forces to adopt a fast script rhythm, giving creations a particularly interesting dynamic for explanatory videos that can easily prove boring.

Explain: animation makes it possible to diagram elements graphically, and thus to synthesize much more effectively complex explanations than with words. This is particularly effective in complex sectors that are little known to the public, such as nuclear energy in the case of Areva.

Embodying the brand: For a brand whose image seems quite cold, especially in sectors considered the least engaging, animation video is a good vector of connivance with the viewer that helps humanize the brand.

Some things to keep in mind

Although it does not require shooting, animation video is not necessarily less expensive than a classic video. Indeed, depending on the effects chosen, the animation can be a long and tedious work, without counting elements such as voice over recording if necessary. So be careful not to move towards animation simply thinking that it will be the most economical solution.

Moreover, it is quite possible to mix filmed and animated elements in the same video. This can be an interesting compromise when you want to integrate only a few specific explanatory elements, or when you want to energize a fairly classic explanatory video.

So, are you convinced of the interest that animation can have? Feel free to share your experiences and comments with us in the comments section below!

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