What Why And How Of Building A Brand Identity On Social-Media

By crux creative solutions

August 22, 2019

How to build a brand identity on social media

We all have been using social media to connect with our kith and kins, also random people around the world. This connectivity is the reason that makes social media an immensely powerful tool to grow the brand image.

What Is Social Media Identity/Image?

Everyone has a social identity, all of us, whether we actively cultivate it or not. If a person has one or more social media profiles, there is a social media identity that you are related to. From big brands to your local bakery, everyone either already has an identity or is willing to create one.

A brand’s identity was previously viewed externally, such as what they produced or the service they offered. A brand image is a feeling or a reaction someone has when they see your logo or company slogan, advertising or actual products. For example- The logo of ‘Crux Creative Solutions’, a digital marketing company in Gurgaon, will automatically make you think about the company’s idea and kind of services it offers. Your brand is the impression other people have of your products or services. Now, a brand can build an online presence that is based on various factors like founding and philosophy. In today’ social-media-saturated society, the right Tweet, Instagram post or Snapchat story is integral to a brand’s customer experience.

Why Is Social Media So Essential?

Earlier brand was developed solely by creating unique advertising techniques. Posters, billboards and advertisements on prime time TV were the only options that helped a brand reach a wider audience, but even these methods of marketing were limiting. Since the inception of social media, things have changed for the better. Now businesses can reach a far wider audience, an audience that is highly connected and engaged. The power of social media is evident.

Every time someone tag you or write a Tweet/Post/Story, the message spread like a wildfire. Positive recommendations and favorable product reviews have an instant effect on how your customers interact with you, and with the global influence of social media websites, you have the ability to promote your brand to a worldwide audience.

The widespread digitalization warrants every kind of business, whether big or small, to have a social media marketing strategy. Social media guarantees personal level interaction if the right strategies are being used to communicate and connect. It is a quick way of informing the target audience of any changing dynamics of the company.

How Does Social Media Affect The Brand Image?

It is not a piece of news that social media platforms are major contributors to the buying decisions of the customers.

Today social media has immense power to make or break a brand, so, it advisable to plan social media marketing strategies accordingly. By giving your brand the social media touch generates more business and also connects with your customers on a higher engagement level, thus making the digital mark. Social media is now used to talk about anything and everything under the sun. Invariably talking about a favorite brand is a favorite topic, and users make use of the platform to discuss and put forward their opinion for the world to see. This, of course, affects a brand greatly. On hindsight, few negative stories can spread like a wildfire, influencing the opinions of the audience, affecting the brand image and reputation tremendously.


Since we have covered why what and how of social media marketing. Let us talk about how strategizing works and what a brand should do to achieve that positive brand image. Every single branding strategy starts with building brand awareness and there is no compromising here. Social media increases your reach and helps more people learn about a product or service much faster and in a more cost-effective way than traditional media.

We all know how expensive traditional and old-school methods of marketing can be, be it print or digital ads, postcard mailers and others. There’s no denying to the effectiveness of these tools, but cost-effective social media can be used to stretch the marketing budget substantially. Crux, offering branding services in Gurgaon, in research has figured that a social media post works better with audiences than a billboard on the street. Having the best customers post on their Facebook accounts about the great service they received from your business can be more powerful than placing an ad about your service. The three points that should be considered before indulging into marketing on social media platforms are:

  • Create interest – in order to create a brand, people need to know about it, so your first goal would be to encourage the public to start talking about it, which is where social media comes into its own.
  • Listen to feedback – take note of what people are saying about your brand as it grows and uses the information gleaned from such feedback to improve and sharpen your brand.
  • Keep it interesting – people are more likely to remember your brand if you make your brand stand out from the crowd. Have unique and tailored content representing your brand for values it truly holds.


Make use of a maximum number of social media platforms to create awareness about your brand because each platform offers a variety of audiences.

Be Active

It is futile to be active at one time and ignore any engagement other times. Social media is ever-evolving and the attention span of the audience is low due to the availability of various options. To be effective on social media and develop your brand, you need to be active regularly. If the conversation is a one-way street, the interest will be lost. Send out regular Tweets, posts, stories and reply to relevant comments, it might not sound like much but it definitely is. It will take time to build up a memorable brand, but the time spent on social media sites is always time well spent.

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