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October 23, 2019

Create Email Newsletter That Users Actually Read | Crux

Email marketing is impressive, killer and always works. If your business is not already using this great platform, it needs to. As soon as possible!

Digital marketing space has changed rapidly since smartphones started dominating the market. With social media promotions, Google ads and various means to put your brand name out there, Newsletter/email is still the most effective medium.

But there is a catch. To get that perfect newsletter, it is crucial to understand the psychology behind it and should know how to curate content to get the desired results. Sending an email or a newsletter for the sake of it will not bring any business. It is the most valuable marketing source at present, also a great way to keep the audiences engaged and informed about your services/products.

A newsletter must be created keeping in mind that: people notice it, click on it, reads it, follow the link and respond to it positively. A newsletter will generate traffic only when effectively designed and executed- We all know for a fact that this is easier said than done!

An exceptional newsletter can be set apart from any random one mainly through one criterion, which is- the customer wants to open it as soon as they see the subject line. If this is not the case, these 10 tips will help you and your business.

1. Evaluate if you require a newsletter

2. The type to suit your need the best

3. Balance of content in the newsletter

4. Hype up the expectation (and deliver it)

5. Pay special attention to the subject line

6. One main plan-of-action

7. Less is more

8. Make the ‘unsubscribe’ option simpler

9. Do not stop testing

Evaluate if you require a newsletter

It is of utmost importance for a marketer to keep himself/herself updated with new market trends. Also, research:

  • What do audiences expect?
  • What is the business requirement?
  • Will newsletter generate the lead?

Also, keep in mind whether you have the support of the budget, internal support and time. If the answer to all it is ‘yes’, and the entire team agrees to go ahead with the newsletter. The best step would be to analyse what kind of newsletter will fir your requirement. A branding agency in Delhi NCR or anywhere else will give you a fair idea of whether newsletter works for your business or not.

The type to suit your need the best

The biggest mistake while creating a newsletter is making it too cluttered and messy all around. Filling it with all kind of information will defeat the sole purpose of it to gather attention.

Sometimes, marketers try to add every aspect of the business into just that one feeble newsletter. Crux, a creative branding agency in Gurgaon has found in the research that users refrain from reading the entire mail if it has too many elements.

One way to curb the randomness on the newsletter is to not focus on the business, but at a time maintain the spotlight on one topic and add a description about it, rather than going in and about everything.

As an example, McDonald adding a new range of burgers in their menu will send the newsletter only for that one burger range. They have multiple variants of not just burgers but beverages, wraps, ice-creams. But, the focal point if that newsletter will be the new range.

Balance of content in the newsletter

There has to be a balance in the content. If the newsletter screams ‘buy this, buy that buy new, buy old, buy sale’, at one point it will irritating for the customer and chances of him/her unsubscribing will increase manifolds. So, if 80% of the time the content is about promotion, the rest 20% time, if it is something educational, the user would want to read the entire piece.

Since we are already on McDonald's, just say if it sends promotional content twice a week, and the third newsletter is about where they get their ingredient from or what happens in the kitchen, as a sort of educational content, the user would be curious and would open the newsletter and read.

Don’t be that company who only sends the promotional newsletter, which seems uninteresting and irritating at a point. If you want your business to grow, going out of the box is the key.

Hype up the expectation (and deliver it)

So, we have sorted the balance between promotional content and educational campaign. Now comes the point where you will want the user to open up the email and turn into a lead by subscribing. On the subscriber landing page, mention the details of what the audience should expect out of your newsletter, how often they will hear from you. Proper communication is a necessity.

As a subscriber, it would be amazing to be pre-informed. Having that gives a sense of authority and also a personal touch to the user. Imagine opening your eyes and knowing exactly what you should expect. It’s a great feeling. And, as a marketer, this will reduce the spam rate and cut-down potential audience that can unsubscribe.

Pay special attention to the subject line

Now you have all the attention of customers- actual and potential. But, this is not the guarantee that will end up opening your newsletter.

We all are guilty of piling up mails which we never really open. Do not be the part of that clan. The only way out of it is to have a creative, engaging and titillating subject line, which will make the users curious and would want to open the mail.

One main call-to-action

There are chances that a newsletter might have multiple features and multiple call-to-action (CTA). That doesn’t mean that each topic should be given equal prominence. At a point, pick one topic and focus the newsletter around it, making it and its plan-of-action as the focal point.

The trick to do it is to make one CTA as the ‘must click’ option and rest as ‘if you get time-do to check it out’. This method of enticing users helps immensely in the marketing field.

Less is more

We have already mentioned how a newsletter can easily be cluttered. Crux, as a leading branding service in Gurgaon, knows the ultimate trick, which is to keep in mind two factors- succinct copy and the empty spaces.

The very nature of newsletter marketing is as such that it can be messy and too many information has to be fit in one format. However, what one should do is leave enough white space to give the user a sense of calm to analyse and react to the mail.

Make the ‘unsubscribe’ option simpler

It might sound like counter-intuitive but it as essential as urging to subscribe. Do not try to hide the ‘unsubscribe’ option in some corner with small font, or always use alt font in images. Do not try using weird languages to stop users from unsubscribing.

A clear unsubscribing process will help to gain the users' trust, also, it will spare your mail to be transferred to spam. Be clear and transparent.

Do not stop testing

We can suggest what works mostly, but to figure out what exactly works for you and your business, there’s a need to keep trying and testing.

Make use of these tips as a jumping point, and from there on keep altering it per the need, demand and expectation of your business.

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