10 Graphic Designing Tips For Social Media To Get More Likes

By crux creative solutions

September 19, 2019

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There is this feeling of complete amazement when you enter an art gallery for the very first time. Similarly, graphic design for social media content has to be exquisite and resplendent with elements that can make your eyes go wide because visuals play a vital role in social media marketing.

Long gone are the days when customers read the entire paragraph, it is the time when everything is about the visual representation of the product/service. If your content still does not have attractive visuals, especially for social media post, there are chances that you might be losing on a huge chunk of audience. Everyone is viewing the content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn etc. and on a go- in a cab, metro or while getting a spa. The fast pace of life and abundance of options have made us go for products/services that are pleasing to the eyes.

If you’re planning to design images for social media posts or blog-posts or anywhere on similar platforms, as a digital marketing agency, we have very well experienced creative graphic designers who work on designs specially made for social media, so we all are here to help you with basic but essential tips for designing images for the same.

1. Look Around

We all have studied in our science class in third grade that human does not possess the ability to create something which he hasn’t felt from his senses. In simpler words, human derive inspiration from elements around them to create anything new; for example- submarine was created taking inspiration from the underwater world. Why am I mentioning this? It’s to remind you to look around, get inspired from elements that are all around us, most ideas come from simpler things.

2. Colour Palette

All the beautiful design starts with having equally aesthetically pleasing colours. This cannot be a coincidence. Choosing the right colour palette for your design is the key here.

Do not sweat upon the idea of choosing your colours, multiple websites offer you wide range of colour palette to choose from, all you have to do is just copy the code and use it in the design.

3. What’s in the fonts?

Well! A lot to be honest. Ideally, a design should not have more than 1 or 2 fonts; otherwise the creative might just look cluttered, unappealing and confusing.

4. Sometimes… less is more

Take a cue from designs created by ‘Apple’, their utilization of blank white space is creativity in itself. So, do not shy away to blank out a little space in your image, it can enhance the design. Without a doubt, it will require some mental adjustment, as to how and where to leave that space. However, if done right, it will be easier to draw the attention of the viewer to the exact message you’re trying to put forward.

5. Alignment of thoughts and content

If all the objects in the design are properly aligned, irrespective of its differing sizes, the design will look sophisticated and professional. It avoids cluttering.

6. Standout with contrast

If a seven feet tall person cross path with you, won’t you remember him/her for the longest time. This is what a contrasting element in your design will do. This adds a little attitude and helps in standing out from the rest of the creative. The element could be anything from an image to font or colour, just refrain from over-doing it.

7. Careful placement of body copy and the background

A lot of times, the creative consists of a written paragraph. As per our experience, viewers show very less interest in a creative with more than 30-40 characters, including spaces. So, make sure to keep the message precise and simple. Adjust the brightness of the background so it is easier to read without putting in too much effort. In this time and age of videos and audios, people do not want to read a lot. So, make your design a little more creative.

8. Maintain a Hierarchy

You will be working on various elements on your post. In such a case, hierarchy is one tip that you can implement to give importance to the most important message. Place the most important message or object in the biggest font or size. Design is your way to communicate with the audience, so the message should be clear and not confusing.

9. Do not forget ‘who’ you are designing for

What works for a personal account might not work for a content creator with an aim to provide information on hygiene (just an example). By designing with keeping the audience in mind will ensure that your design gets the reaction that you anticipated.

An upscale, designer font will not work for a page full of doodle and ‘childish’ font will look inappropriate for page promoting adult clothing line.

10. BE CREATIVE and go all out

All the tips and tricks are given if your content is not unique, tailored and do not stand out, it might just go unnoticed. There is a plethora of content all across the internet, sometimes everything gets repetitive. Be the breath of fresh air. Always strive to provide with something new, fresh out of the oven.

Do not overstress, sometimes the simplest design is the most impactful one. Look around, analyse, put on your research glasses on and just scroll through various designs. Take inspiration and cue from every element around you.

It’s your turn now!

Use these tips to create better, more engaging content for your social media posts. Hope you enjoyed reading our little insight. If we miss any design tip that you think is relevant and works for you, do not hesitate to let us know.

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