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WordPress, a boon for present scenario as it is a free tool based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress has emerged as a highly-used platform for CMS systems, i.e. a free tool, with easily available plugins, which allows to update content through an interface on front end. We as a WordPress development company in Gurgaon has developed multiple websites on WordPress and has been successfully running many.

Our team is well read, well prepared and well equipped to use this effective tool and WordPress installation by our team has been based on -:

  • Our extensive knowledge to boost traffic and convert leads: Responsive themes are our forte as a WordPress development company, which in turn boosts mobile traffic and conversions.
  • High user engagement: For excellent eye soothing experience.
  • Customization: Our web development team can provide utility based WordPress customization for your business.
  • Effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO): which boosts the organic rankings. The goal of SEO is high search ranking to your website i.e. high visibility and we ensure this as a WordPress development company. SEO is a highly evolving technique, whose process has changed in multiple folds in last few years. Our team is peculiarly updated, with all the recent trends for giving high ranking to your website.
  • Focus on Security: High end security implementation.

WordPress A Utility-based Tool 

An easily available free of-cost tool, which is able to facilitate your business, based on your specific requirement and its specific features which support this are-:

Plugins: Online Ecommerce Based

WordPress is an effective tool because it enhances productivity and saves time due to its multiple free, up-to-date online e-commerce plugins such as WP e-commerce, Cart66 Lite, Market press, Woo-commerce, and the counting goes to many. And, very interestingly there are certain plugins that have more than a billion downloads, which proves the popularity and availability of WordPress.

WordPress SEO Tools

WordPress plugins not only facilitate e-commerce website building but its the package, of all-in-one format tools, that facilitate effective Search Engines Optimization such as Yoast SEO and AIOSEO (All in One SEO). All-in-One SEO is a complete package, with over 300 billion downloads. Some of its highlighted features are automatic META tagging including the facility to set any META description and any META Keywords of the desired requirement. Crux Creative Solutions, as a WordPress Development Company in Gurgaon, is efficient to provide or customize your website, for your business by using the above tools precisely and effectively.
“The other key highlights of WordPress are that its customized setup can help to display, classify and present the content as per your need” It supports both websites and blogs. Its custom domain can provide your desired feel, look and features. Isn’t it great!

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