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By crux creative solutions

January 10, 2021

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Thinking of making a video for your website. We at Crux help you get the best out of your blog by turning it into exciting animated videos. The goal of content is to tell a story. Whether it's a tale about your product, your customers, or even regulatory changes, your primary purpose as a content creator is to communicate a message that motivates, persuades, and convinces your audience to act.

The story, however, is only as excellent as its execution.

Consider this. Your audience is less inclined to take action if you have a fantastic narrative but communicate it poorly. This is when animated video can come in handy.

Animated video is a rich, engaging medium that is inexpensive, simple to administer, and will make your important points stand out. It provides all of the benefits of a visual medium while requiring far fewer resources than you might imagine.

Stop straining your head for new video ideas; you already have a tonne of written material ready to be turned into attention-grabbing films! Make an old blog into an animated video to give it fresh life. This will make your posts more engaging for your readers and remembered for visual learners. 'This is how.

Five Steps to Creating Animated Videos from Blogs as per the best Animated Video Production Company

1.Select your material. Select the video material you want to convert. Articles with clear directions, explanations, facts, or data points should be chosen. If you're not sure where to start, start with the most popular blog articles or written pieces that answer your most commonly asked questions. You can make things more searchable by converting them into videos for your website or YouTube channel.

2. Develop a storyboard. You must plan before creating an animated video! Determine the appropriate type of video – does kinetic typography (moving text) make sense? Is it a good idea to create as per an Animated Explainer Video Company? Is it better to go with an infographic or a character-based animation? Then, create a storyboard to outline the video's flow. Take important ideas from your blog post and begin developing a scene-by-scene concept for your piece that will guide you as you make your final video.

3. Choose a template. Now that you've developed a strategy and a vision, it's time to put it into action! Choose a template that corresponds to the type of video you want to create and has a style that is consistent with your brand. Make sure to style it correctly for your intended audience: horizontal for desktop viewing or YouTube videos, square for social media sites, and vertical for Instagram Stories and mobile viewers.

4. Add your text and create your video. Now the real fun begins. Include any photos, PowerPoint slides, or charts you desire. Copy and paste content from your blog into the template that expresses your piece's overall message. Create a recognisable character to star in your animation video. Spend time perfecting the rhythm and flow of your animated video. Your film is almost ready for public viewing!

5. Make your video unique. Make it your own by using colours that go well with your brand. Include a background soundtrack and a watermarked logo. Even if you just want to use your movie internally or for a small audience, watermarking is a good idea since, in today's digital age, you never know where it will appear — and after all your hard work, you deserve all the credit.

There are other ways to turn other textual items, aside from blog entries, into entertaining animation. Do you have any notes from your most recent board meeting? Transparency can be highlighted by creating an animated company-wide video. Do you have any old training PDFs that you haven't read yet? You have the outline of a video infographic script ready to write. Do you want to update your employee or customer onboarding manuals? We at Crux - the best Animated Explainer Video Company help you to design the best animated explainer videos out there.

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