The Fight For Organic Traffic

By crux creative solutions

May 28, 2021

The Fight For Organic Traffic - Crux Creative Solutions

A Great website is constantly changing. You don't just build a website and forget about it; you need to keep track of user acquisition, activity, and SEO rankings to stay ahead of the game when driving traffic to your site. Understanding, decoding, and enhancing your website's organic traffic is the starting point and perhaps the essential part of this process.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps developers and website owners better understand their visitors, such as where they came from, how long they stayed, and which pages they visited the most.

Organic search data is one of the key terms and metrics that Google Analytics provides to its users. Organic traffic is defined as traffic that arrives on your website without advertisements or other forms of direct marketing. This essentially means that the user has searched explicitly for your website or that your website has appeared in response to specific search terms. We at Crux being one of the best SEO services in Delhi NCR bring a toolkit on why SEO is important and how one can do it.

Why is important

It is the most common and reliable method of acquiring new customers.

The number of people who searched for something and then clicked on your website or Web page in the search results is referred to as organic traffic. This means that the viewer can use your website as a resource or a solution. This natural discovery is likely to increase their trust and credibility in you.

When people come to your website, an organic search tells you what they're looking for. For example, if you run a travel blog and your organic search data shows that the most common term used to find your website was "traveling on a budget," this indicates that your target audience has specific interests. That is what matters to us being a SEO company in Delhi NCR

What Kinds of Website Traffic Are There?

To better understand this, consider the following types of traffic and how they differ from organic traffic:

Traffic that has been paid for:

This includes traffic redirected to your website due to paid ads on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs).

Landing on the Spot:

When a user manually enters your website's URL or comes from an unknown but direct source, direct traffic is counted.

Redirects from Referrals:

Redirects can occur due to interlinking, backlinking, and seed linking your website to other websites and platforms. On Google Analytics, these are referred to as redirects.

Sourced from social media:

The 'social' category in Google Analytics tracks traffic that comes from various social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, to name a few.

Traffic on the Display:

This refers to the targeted traffic generated by various banner and display advertisements.

Leads via email:

Email marketing generates a lot of traffic and is an evergreen tool. This adds to the number of people who visit a website.

Because organic traffic is essential for a website's growth and success, it's necessary to keep track of the data, identify areas for improvement, and improve the website to attract more organic traffic.

Here are four essential suggestions and points to think about:

Publish content that is relevant (via blogs)

Content is considered as a masterstroke for a reason. It's what creates, constructs, and maintains the structure of your website. Keep the following in mind as you write the content: The content fulfills the needs of the reader or viewer. Its main goal should be to provide solutions and add value to the user's search. It should be timeless while also being timely: Organic reach and traffic are high for topical keywords and content.


Keywords are significant in driving organic traffic to a website. They are, in fact, the only link between a search and its outcome. Is it a great way to improve keyword density in your content? The answer will assist you in determining the correct keyword.

Obtain Backlinks

In SEO, backlinks are a little-known but powerful tool for improving browser listing rankings and generating more traffic. To drive more traffic to your website, try writing to websites that collect listicles or have references and backlinks features.

Concentrate on SEO

While content reigns supreme in the digital and tech worlds, SEO reigns supreme. It is critical to devote a significant amount of time and effort to SEO. Keyword density, backlinks, technical SEO, and alt attributes are essential factors in attracting organic traffic.

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that the higher the organic traffic, the better and more trustworthy the website appears to the browser and user. At Crux being one of the best SEO companies in Delhi NCR we believe, the key is to look at your website through the eyes of your customers. Consider what kind of solutions they'd prefer, how they'd like them structured, and what else you can provide to entice them to stay longer. These things will help you increase organic traffic to your website and make it more useful, resulting in better results even when it comes to other user-directed channels.

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