What is Google Portals and How to Use it For a Better User Experience?

By crux creative solutions

April 12, 2024

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Google Portal is a new way to navigate web pages that came out in May 2019 for Chrome. When you put content on a Google Portal, users can move around inside it, which isn't possible with iframes for security reasons.

It's also necessary for portals to hide the URL address bar. This means they can be used for more than just adding content, which is how most people use iframes today.

In what ways do Google Portals work?

The Google Portal was announced as an update to the iFrame technology. It is a new web page platform API that aims to give people a whole new way to load web pages and move around on them. The new HTML tag (portal) will work with the portal tags, just like the old (iframe) tags did. This will let web writers add information from other sites to their pages.

How Google Portal Works?

According to the best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, the newest version of Google Chrome for Windows, Mac, Android, Chrome OS, and Linux now works with portals. Here are some good things about it.

  • Allows for smooth changes
  • Pages that load faster
  • Better privacy and security

Why did iFrames need to be updated?

Recently, iFrames have been giving me a lot of trouble. That could be why the experts at Google had to try something new. The new Google Portal is what Google wants to take over the web and make it the usual way for websites to switch between links.

One example is that engineers are hoping that when a person is on a certain news site and gets to the end of a story, the links to other stories will be built in as platforms. This means that when the user clicks on this news link, they can easily go to a different page. This list shows some of the main problems that people have with iFrames that are identified by the best advertising agency in Gurgaon.

  • Malicious sites and cross-site scams can get into your page.
  • iFrames could be used to steal your users' information.
  • While iFrames can be useful, they can also be hard to understand.
  • They don't work well with SEO.
  • They take a long time to load, which makes using them awful and wastes the efforts of a branding agency in Gurgaon.

Why are Portals better than regular links or iFrames?

You can see why sites are better than iFrames or regular links by reading these points.

  • As long as the portal lets people move around inside the material it contains, iFrames doesn't let you do this because it hurts security.
  • The URL address bar can be changed with portals. In other words, they can be used as a way to navigate, which is better than adding material.
  • Portals can prepare content so that when a user moves through a page, the content is already there and ready to go on a new page. The user doesn't have to wait long for it to load.
  • By changing the URL bar without making users open a new page or pop-up window, portals can protect against fake attempts.
  • Portals make it easier and faster to switch between web pages. Also, they are used to make it easier to move around on web pages on phones.
  • When you have multiple websites that link to each other, you can use platforms to make it easy for people to move from one site to another.
  • With websites, the person can watch or listen to material that is built in. After watching or hearing, a user can easily go back to the page where the media came from and leave notes or open more media.

We hope that this blog post helped you understand what Google Portals is and how it works. Contact the best SEO agency in Gurgaon to switch to Google Portal today. Stay tuned with Crux on important updates of the SEO world. Helmed by Shelly Bhasin,

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