Web Standards Checklist While Designing Your Website/Webpage

By crux creative solutions

May 26, 2020

Web Standards Checklist While Designing Your Website/Webpage

When you decide to make your website from scratch, there are certain strict guidelines or checklists that need to be taken care off. But have you considered web standards? If you have not, you must.

What are Web Standards?

These are the certain formal specifications that need to be adhered while building a website. These are internet rules. It is less about the front head of the website and more about how to deal with the backend.

Web standards touch on subjects like- HTML, design, development and also consumer devices. These are made to bring consistency and strength to the very core of the web.

Crux, a website designing company in Delhi NCR lists few of the main web standards for the convenience of the companies that are building up their website:


A code that is not written well can be a cause of several problems, especially for the performance of the website. Any website design company in Gurgaon, India or anywhere else in the world will tell you that it is also eligible to introduce bugs and you certainly do not want it.

HTML, JAVASCRIPT and CSS is the backbone of the webs, so it is crucial to follow strict standards pertaining to how it can be used and manipulated into driving traffic. When we standardize the code, it becomes easier for all developers and designers to speak the same language, and then it becomes even easier to comprehend what others want to communicate.

Valid Graphics

This is one of the important aspects for any web designer. The web standard for graphics are as follow:

  • Photos in PNG format
  • Data visualization in SVG format
  • CSS must be used to enhance HTML
  • Gradients, shapes and other effects in Canvas API format
  • Vector graphics on WebCGM format

It is of utmost importance to adhere to these standards if you wish your website to perform exceptionally well.

A Good Mobile Responsiveness

Most of the visitors on your website will be the ones on-the-go. The advancement has led people to use their smartphones for each activity that required a desktop once. Same goes with the website. For smarter website that is accessible on mobile phones as well, Crux, best web development company in Delhi NCR presents you few rules for it:

  • Design compelling and smooth user interface
  • Content must be designed to automatically adjust to different layouts
  • Create immersive audio/visuals for great experience on mobile phones
  • Use device specific interaction mechanism

Also, processing payments and other tools must be incorporated in a way that the mobile features do not interrupt it.

Classic Web Architecture

It definitely is about the way we store information and the standards that needs to be followed are:

  • Encoding
  • HTTP and HTTPs
  • XML
  • Character sets
  • URIs and URLs

By identifying the above-mentioned tools, the website becomes more global-friendly.

Global Accessibility

The World Wide Web has a larger part known as Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) consortium:

Unlike few standards mentioned in this blog, standardizing accessibility is not as easy and it is a big deal. It is not just something that affects the web developer code or web designers, it affects everyone that contributes to the website like writer, tester, project manager and even policy makers. It is important to check on the standards of accessibility.

Crux Creative Solutions is a website development company in Gurgaon, we have our team of expert website designers who adhere to all the standards. We take pride in designing the profit reaping website for many renowned names in the industry.

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