Types of Brochure Folds for your Business!

By crux creative solutions

April 02, 2020

Types of Brochure Folds for your Business!

What kind of brochure is right for your Business? You can check it out here as per your requirements

Do you know how many types of brochure folds are available?

We all know that a well-designed brochure is the best way to reach a larger audience. It is a great way of promoting your brand and its services. The problem arises when you get confused as to which type of brochure to choose. Crux, a leading brochure designing company in India brings you the list of brochure designs available in the market.

Usually, there are 6 kinds:

  1. Gate Fold
  2. Bi-Fold
  3. Tri-Fold
  4. Flyers/Leaflets
  5. Folders and Insert
  6. Z-Fold

Gate Fold Brochure

This is one kind which is highly popular in high-end marketing. It is made of premium quality paper, making it very durable. The unique feature of this brochure is its inward folding, this makes it very compact and easy to carry. The brochure has 8 panes to display a variety of things.
Works great with: single product presentation, graphics-heavy designs and architectural layouts.

Bi-Fold Brochure

This is a widely used brochure. It has 2 folds and 4 panels- A front cover, back cover and two internal panels to present all information about your company, brand, service and products.
Works great with: product presentation, programs, pricing sheets and anything rich in content, specs and photos.

Tri-Fold Brochure

This is one step ahead of bi-fold and is used when there is a requirement for little more space. It has 6 panels to present more information to the target audience. These are also one of the most commonly used brochure folds.
Works great with: This works best with a simple presentation with high content ratio.


It is a single page brochure. It is a bit different from others with folds. It is usually used for targeting a large number of people. However, they are extremely common, so in order to stand out, your brochure content has to be unique and attractive.
Works great with: product information and announcement.

Folders and Inserts Brochure

It is a perfect brochure to advertise your brand among so many people. This brochure has an amazing feature of folders within the brochure. You can make optimum use by placing a feedback form or coupons in it. Any brochure designing company in India will advise you to choose this kind for all your conferences, it is highly crucial to receive feedback.
Works great with: Conferences or exhibitions, where feedback or other details are necessary from the audience.

Z-Fold Brochure

As the name suggests, it folds like the letter ‘Z’. It is easy to carry around to show lists, technical specifications and user guide. It is a three-panel zig-zag fold. Technically, you get 6 pages to put information in.
Works great with: great for writing about company and product offerings, also works great with restaurant menus.

Now that we have made you aware of types of brochure folds, you can choose your next advertising campaign. We, Crux Creative Solutions, provides you with the best brochure designing services in Delhi and also helps you in selecting the best type for your business needs. As we know that the perfect design is important to get right.

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