Top SEO Trends that you need to know in 2019!

By crux creative solutions

February 22, 2019

Top SEO Trends that you need to know in 2019

For online marketers, it is highly important to be updated with the latest marketing trends happening worldwide. Today, the internet has become the primary place for selling your goods and services. Thus, only establishing a blog and website cannot help you in achieving the desired ROI. To maintain the unrolling position on the search ranks, you need to adopt the new changes in Search Engine Optimization.

Here are some of the 2019 trends by the best SEO Company in Gurgaon that you must know!

Understand your Audience:

The basic definition of SEO is to have a well-written and perfectly optimized website! However, this is now not enough to soar on the search ranks. The requirement is to be one-step forward from what your audience wants. Understand what your audience prefers, text, images, video, or, audio?
Enhance the user’s experience on your website, start understanding what someone is expecting to find when he or she queries a phrase or a word and always give the answer in the simplest way possible. It is 2019, so the time is to match your keyword phrases and start making sure that the content comprehensively answers the questions asked by your audience via search.

Structured Data Markup:

With the growing competition in the market and advanced technologies, structured data Markup has become the key for Google. But, what is Structured Data Markup?
The Structured Data Markup helps you in marking elements on your page so that Google can understand the data on your page. Once Google understands your data page clearly, it can be presented more attractively and in a way that can lead it to high ranks on Google. This will be demanded in future because, no matter how well written your website is, if Google takes too long to crawl your content, then it cannot be great.
According to our research, we need to start understanding and implementing contextual relationships between topics and behaviour supported with structured data markup. Using information, tags, metadata in a systematic way gives us the ability to signal the search engines to understand our supportive content structure.

Exceptional Content:

Content is the king and will always be! The site that provides high quality and in-depth content is likely to gain better search rankings. Therefore, writing content just to keep your blog alive will not work now. Websites with weaker content lag way behind than the websites with high-quality content.
The need for better content has always been high because the quality content acquires more number of links and eventually helps in SEO growth. Thus, always strive for exceptional content and publish stories that are worth it. Today in 2019, content that motivates, moves, and connects with the audience is required by the online business. Your content is exceptional only when you can answer a question, get a lead, make a sale, and help in reputation management and SEO building.

On-Page Optimization:

As per experts, on-page optimization will continue to be important in 2019. It is important because links are very essential for the organic growth of your business. However, on-page optimization is not that easy. Here are we sharing some key factors that are responsible for website optimization.

  • Content that answers common user questions.
  • Shortening Conversion Process
  • Users are easily able to navigate to physical locations
  • Ensuring internal site search is providing relevant results
  • Customer support responds to questions related to the business

Technical SEO:

Every year or at every certain interval, websites continue to grow their complexity. And, this factor has now started grabbing attention towards technical SEO. Some major factors of Technical SEO are as follows:

  • Speed: Speed is a necessary element of a website. It not only affects SEO but also affects the user experience. Users generally leave the webpages that take too long to load. Thus, it is important to create websites in a way that do not take much time to open.
  • JavaScript: Most of the websites that we see are totally JavaScript driven. That means it is the time to get familiar with how search engines work with JavaScript driven websites.
  • Mobile friendly website: Responsive websites are designed in a way to be accessed by any device. Google is also very clear about the fact that having a responsive site is considered a very significant ranking signal by its algorithms.

Search Engine Optimization is a long and tedious task to do! It is impossible to grab the top positions instantly on the search ranks. It is an on-going process, which requires extreme knowledge and information regarding the latest trends in the digital industry. The points mentioned above are the latest SEO Trends of 2019 by the leading SEO Company in Delhi . Hope you to get some quality information from our research and efforts!

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