The secret to 'in-touch' content- Empathy?

By crux creative solutions

June 13, 2020

The secret to 'in-touch' content- Empathy?

More than often, content that is unable to build a connect with the audience loses customers and subscribers. For this very reason, it is of utmost importance to build content that helps people to win a new customer by building up their ‘empathy’.

Since we are on the topic of empathy, let us clear the air of misconception about it.

Empathy is not about exaggerating, emphasising or pretending to feel something, it is about putting yourself in other person’s shoes to build a connection and understand their point of view better.

It is a skill that is worth developing because, by the end of everything, empathy is one thing that brings people together. ‘Empathy plays a major role and can affect everything from team management to content creation’, says digital marketing head of Crux Creative Solution, a leading digital marketing agency in Gurgaon.

Empathy ensures that your messages strike the right chord with the audiences. We have brought you a few tips that can help you to write an empathetic blog, email or even social media content.

1. Brainstorm your content sweet spot

We agree that it is highly tempting to jump on popular topics. There is a possibility that it might get your attention for a short time. But, you need to think about your audiences too and your industry and your expertise.

The easiest way to recognise the brand and empathise with the audience is to draw a Venn diagram and in one circle, list all the problems of your industry and audiences and the other circle should contain lists of all your brand’s expertise. Now, space, where the two circles interlock, is where your audience and brand interests intersect.

2. Create an empathy map for your audience

It is nothing complicated as it may sound. Empathy maps ensure that you have a better understanding of how your audience thinks and feels.

To create a map, divide a sheet into four sections and in each column, jot down answers to following questions:

  • What does your audience see?
  • What does your audience feel?
  • What does your audience think and feel?
  • What does your audience hear, say and do?

3. You always have liberty to reuse your existing content and reform it

Run a proper content audit. This means that you need to identify your existing content and then rework it or consolidate to match your new vision. All of this will save you time that will require if you are planning to start from scratch.

Now that you have a Venn diagram and a table to identify empathetic topics, you can now repurpose your existing content to fir your target audience’s current needs.

4. Ask help from a non-bias external source that you trust

Once you are ready with your set of content to focus upon, it is always advisable to run your ideas through an external source for feedback and also for implementation. You can go to the best digital marketing agency Gurgaon or anywhere and get your work done.

With the help of professional and non-bias assistance, there are chances of having greater success at creating something empathetic for your audience.

It will also save you from creating content that is highly self-serving and not-so empathetic with your current and prospective audience.

Bottom Line

In this current situation, each business has evolved. The work-environment has completely changed that now most of us are working from home and even those who have to step out are extra careful.

As a leading digital marketing company in Gurgaon, Crux Creative Solutions has always created a thoughtful and people-centred copy for all of its clients. We have been able to gain and maintain trust with all the clients that we have worked with.

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