The Major Trends that will Impact the Social Media Advertising in 2020

By crux creative solutions

February 10, 2020

The Major Trends that will Impact the Social Media Advertising in 2020

By now, we all are aware of how powerful social media marketing can be for businesses irrespective of its size. It creates an impact through brand advocating, driving leads and sales, or even connecting and engaging with the audiences in a new and novel way.

More and more businesses are now hiring social media marketing agencies in Delhi or even around the globe and deploying social media technology in a bid to increase their reach, connect and add measurable value to all of their digital strategies.

In the year 2020, following are the trends that social media advertising experts will need to take heed of, to further their digital marketing initiatives and deliver real value for money.

1. Get Onboard with Transitory Content

Also known as ephemeral content, it is a content that is only available for a really short duration and once the time is up, the post automatically disappears. The biggest example of such content is Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories and Snapchat. Such content is a lot effective and a great way of boosting brand loyalty. This also generates the feeling amongst the users that they are being engaged on a more intimate level. This is something crucial because studies show that 86 per cent of digital users crave authenticity above everything else.

This is the reason ephemeral content is recognised as one of the most successful methods of attracting viewers and audiences. It is short, engaging, and more ‘humanised’. This is the future- short-lived-mini-marketing campaigns, so, as a leading social media marketing company in Delhi, Crux Creative Solutions suggest you get on board with it.

2. Making Use of the Micro-Influencers

There are many macro-influencers, the most cliché example of it is Kylie Jenner, whose follower equates to roughly 25 million and her brand charges roughly around $1 million for each sponsored post. However, micro-influencers are those social media personalities that have comparatively smaller but highly dedicated followings. They may have followers from 10,000 to 60,000 on Instagram or Facebook. These kinds of influencers have the capacity to drive targeted content for businesses while appearing completely ‘human’. The reason for this is that since the following is low but impactful, connecting to each of their followers is easy and direct. Their biggest asset is that their followers are carefully cultivated niche audiences across various industries like health & wellness, beauty, fashion, travel & sport, and this helps the brand to target very specific content and that too for a fraction of the price of that of macro-influencers. As a leading social media marketing service in Gurgaon, Crux makes sure to get on board with such influencers to get their client’s work recognised.

3. Espouse LinkedIn’s New Capabilities

If we look at the market, LinkedIn is THE only contender when it comes to employment-seeking and career-development, which LinkedIn has finally realised now. Now, the platform is constantly innovating to ensure that no one else stands a chance. The site has now introduced hashtags, a tool for marketers for better use of the platform and finding the exact kind of information and to reach millions of people. LinkedIn is making it easier for companies and businesses to market and advertise themselves, their products and services. It is also a great platform to advocate the ethos of the business, it is highly impactful. All of these reasons have made LinkedIn a great opportunity for marketers for their social media advertising in 2020. It has strength of its high-value audience and it is unrivalled, which makes it a rapidly gaining ground as a key element of the digital advertising mix.

Take note of these new trends and try to emboss it in the digital marketing strategy.

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