6 Tips to Create Highly Useful Explainer Video

By crux creative solutions

May 11, 2020

6 Tips to Create Highly Useful Explainer Video

An explainer video has to do its job within 60-90 seconds. It is a great way of engaging potential customers to your business. But the hard part is to set the right tone of the video, so your service or product is duly highlighted.

An explainer video is generally the visitors' experience on your homepage, so it is crucial to get it right the first time itself. So, as an experienced corporate video production company in Delhi NCR, we have described a few insider tips on explainer video to drive more sales through it.

Get the right script

A well written and informative script is the key to a successful explainer video. The script is the foundation upon which the entire video stands strong. It is important to have a fresh look and an ‘outsider view’ on the script, this will provide unbiased and more natural video formation. It will also help the organization to curate a video that can easily be understood by anyone.

A professional animated explainer video company in Gurgaon, India or anywhere else in the world will first hear the creative brief. This will ensure that you think of your business at a high level and will give you enough space to define and look deep into what the company is about. In such cases, it becomes crucial to hire a professional to the job.

Keep it short

The fewer words you put to explain something, easier it is to get across people’s mind. An explainer video is an overview or a ‘hook’ to get potential customers interested in your business.

People will more likely remember the short but impactful video and there are chances that the users might skip watching a long and boring video.

The rule of thumb in the industry is somewhere around 140-150 words/ minute. There are chances that people might be able to read faster but then there has to be breathing space for the message to sink in deep.

Trying to resist explaining every bit of your service/product can be the hardest part but remember to keep it very concise.

Keep it simple

Focus on the four main points and do not elaborate on extra information

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. How to work it out
  4. Call of action

Always start with the problem that might arise if your service/product is not around. That has to be the first 15 seconds of the video and then go on explaining the solution (your product/service), this point shouldn’t be longer than 10 seconds. Later, explain how it works and what should be the action of the customer to acquire it.

Explain benefits, not features

Once your new product/service is out in the market, the temptation to show its new feature is quite high. But, instead, as a business, one should focus on the benefits that the customer will get if they choose your company.

This ensures that the potential customer will want to know more about your business and features.

An explainer video is there to give users idea of how product and services will be useful to them and then can later on mention features.

Use a professional voice and tone

We all have witnessed a great video but the audio is cracking. Either the voice in the audio isn’t right or the tone it set doesn’t help the product or service.

Either way, investing in professional talent will be beneficial for a long time.

Be entertaining

No matter who watches the video (CEO, public, distributors etc.), each one of them has one agenda- to be entertained.

It is advisable to add some fun elements to the video, it can be humour, a surprise element or a funny audio/video clip just anything will work, given it keeps the audience hooked to their screen the entire time.

This helps people to connect to your brand.

Visuals are important but secondary

In this business, we have seen so many videos that are plain and very minimalistic, but the message is clear. Just like a good voice-over, the tone of the music, even visuals are important but it doesn’t always have to be the primary focus. Sometimes, exaggerated visuals take away from the messaging of the video.

Keep the tone of visuals according to what kind of audience your business is targeting. Minimalism is the latest trend, and we are not complaining.

If you are planning to jump on the explainer video bandwagon this year, which by the way is a good time. Lockdown is a time when your online presence will be up for evaluation. Invest your time and money both on an exceptional animated video production company in India.

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