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July 18, 2019

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Is your search ranking not increasing? We, at Crux Creative Solutions, a leading SEO company, have listed the latest advanced SEO techniques that will help you get past your competitors expeditiously in 2019.

SEO is a dynamic word, with various understandings. A good SEO company understands that the SEO techniques which might work today won’t be applicable the next day. In order to stay on top of the SERPs, one needs to constantly adapt and improvise.

With the inclusion of various metrics like keywords and backlinks, it is natural to be overwhelmed. But when you have the best SEO Company in Delhi at your disposal, you can easily outperform your competitors. Crux has listed out some of the best SEO techniques that can help you improve your search rankings in 2019:


    Yes! The quality of the content that is posted is of immense importance and improves your search rankings. However, you cannot completely ignore content length. In-depth blog posts that seek to cover a particular topic exhaustively can help you get better search rankings. At Crux, a major SEO Company based out of Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, we have conducted the study to understand the exact correlation of content length and its rankings. We have found that the posts on the first page search results, on average, were 1,500+ words long. However, there has to be a fine balance between quality and quantity for the SEO to work well.


    When a website with high Domain Authority links back to your website, the credibility increases. Quality backlinks is a tool that will ensure you to gain an edge over your competitors. Any SEO Company with basic understanding will be able to tell you that, best only the best SEO Company will be able to interpret that:

    Backlink= Reliability.

    Chances of higher ranking in the SERP augment immediately with large number of quality backlinks, thus increasing your website’s score. Trust Crux Creative Solutions, SEO Company in Delhi to fulfill your wish of being on top of the rankings.


    Find some relevant keywords, it does help; It is an easy way to figure out what people are looking for currently. You can make changes to your content accordingly to match the requirements of readers. If you’re using the right keywords, you have a better chance of driving conversions as well as higher rankings.

    For example- With keywords such as -Gurgaon, Delhi NCR etc., customer looking for services in a particular city will be able to contact you easily.


    What is that your target audience want? Which is their favorite platform? How can you connect with them?

    Crux Creative Solutions has always been on top SEO Company searches and we are capable of doing the same for your company; we ensure that by adding keywords that are focused on above mentioned questions.

    After having a better idea of what your customers want, you can mold your SEO strategies accordingly. Understand and adapt is the mantra you should follow.


    Getting users to your homepage is crucial but is not the only goal. Users must spend more time on the website reading and navigating through. An easy way to achieve this is to link your articles internally. If you link all of your content internally, it makes your website and content structure more organized.


    Relying only on website for credibility and traffic is not the ideal way to go about it. You have to ensure solid social media presence too. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the obvious choices. However, to build authority and improve your search rankings, you need to look beyond these. Quora, Slideshare, and Medium are great platforms to reach out to audiences looking for quality content. It is advisable to take the help of the professionals from a SEO Company to build SEO technique that will help you to build a brand name and generate more leads.


    Learn from the professionals. We at Crux Creative Solutions, a leading SEO Company in Delhi, first write a very straight-forward headline. Next, we move in to something catchy. Then combine the two and write a third version combining the first two headlines. Finally, to make your headline more SEO-friendly, rework it to add relevant keywords. This way, you’ll appeal to search engines as well as your social media audiences.


    There is a significant shift from laptops to smartphones. Changing times require modern solution, website must evolve to be more mobile-friendly. A responsive mobile-friendly design makes it easy for users to access your website on a screen of any size. Getting help of teach-savvy professionals from an SEO Company in Delhi will create an optimized content for your website, which also be great for mobile devices and affect your search rankings.


    Technologies like Amazon Echo and Google Home has made our lives easier. No longer are we bound to do only a single task at a time. So, it is mandatory to tailor your content and SEO techniques accordingly. For voice-based searches, the content has to be optimized as per the guidelines. To increase your chances of ranking at the top of searches with voice-based queries, you need to become mobile-friendly. A lot of voice-based queries come in the form of What/How/Why/Where questions. So your content needs to be focused on answering these questions and optimized for conversational keywords.


    We all have heard ‘Content is king’, but if it is so, then the video content is definitely the ruler. We have professional video-animators in our SEO Company in Delhi that will create video content and the popularity of it shouldn’t be surprising. That’s because it has a higher retention rate than textual content. But how exactly is video content related to advanced SEO techniques? Google now features videos as part of results to search queries. Most of these are how-to videos that can be viewed directly on the SERP. You also need to make sure that you are using the right keywords in your titles and Meta descriptions.

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