SEO Checklist - Tips To Never Forget

By crux creative solutions

November 15, 2019

SEO Checklist - Tips To Never Forget

SEO World Is Dynamic, And A Lot Has Changed For Search Engine Optimization.

However, there are few traditional and fundamental things that remain unchanged.

One such example is- Keywords are not just for getting the organic traffic on your website, but keywords are still important and inevitable.

There are all kinds of trick and tip floating on the internet and it is impossible to determine which one to stick to and ones to safely ignore.

Every marketer whether B2B or B2C requires more search leads, as they possess higher chances of conversion through SEO than an outbound lead.

These are the most trending tips to follow this season to never fall behind in this race of ‘ranking’.

Let’s get started:

1. Eliminate elements that slows down your webpage

A page speed is critically important factor when it comes to SEO.

We all remember the time when slow website was not uncommon; any top-site would take at least 5 minutes to load. However, now slow website is like a kiss-of-death for the brands.

A slow page can frustrate the users and ruin their experience and it doesn’t take much time to turn to a rival page, even if your products/services are better. Loading time can discourage audience to buy your product. It is not good for brands in a long-run.

Research conducted by the team from Crux Creative Solutions, a creative branding agency in Gurgaon has figured that a 1-second delay in page-load time may yield 9% loss in the conversion rates.

A potential buyer would or might link the slow site to your products and deliverables. Page speed is vital for both the parties- users and search engines. Users tend to abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Google included site speed as one of the important ranking factor on April 9, 2010.

This means if your site is slow you’re losing an already lost battle of rankings.

2. Share links to other pages and website with appropriate content

Linking content to your webpage is really critical for the growth.

Mostly brands think that linking out authoritative content might take people out of their pages. However, any branding agency in Delhi NCR or anywhere else will suggest you that linking relevant work stays the most fundamental part of search engine optimization.

Linking out will enable trackable traffic making your site a more valuable and scalable resource.

This act of linking relevant and appropriate content will infuse trust within the user. It is great for the entire organization. Also, if your post is good the influencer you have tagged might link your content back.

3. Target your content for human first and search engine second

Compromising on the communication the content may bring to just insert keywords is a very bad idea.

Lately, a shift has been noticed amongst content creator, and the shift is not positive. More and more creator are going back to the age-old method of driving ranking, wherein keywords meant to increase search surpassed the real qualities of engaging and valuable content.

We are a provider of branding services in Gurgaon that targets your users- current and potential and create content around it.

Do not prioritize search rankings over the real buyer reading and engaging with your work.

We have to understand that the content is read by the actual readers, people who have eye for good content and credit cards. No Google analytics are going to engage and become a loyal customer but the real human will.

4. Set web analytics in the start

Once you have determined search engine optimization, it is essential to track your success.

Private web analytics software and even the Google Analytics and Google Search Console can help you track your success.

Set out these analytics even before the very first visit to your website.

5. Write unique meta descriptions for each page

Most important and most neglected SEO tip is Meta-description.

Google doesn’t approve of duplicate content and if duplicity is your way of life, Google might penalize you. Similarly, duplicate meta descriptions can easily get you penalized, this might not happen straightaway but it surely will not provide great user experience.

Two pages talking about different aspect of your business cannot share the same meta description. There is a big difference between a page talking about your products and descriptions.

6. Use relevant and readable URLs only

If users find it difficult to get through your URL and get confused, most likely, search engines will too.

Brian Clark, world’s biggest digital marketing giant and enthusiast once stated that Google Bots are just like an infant, and they need to spoon-fed on regular basis.

Search Spiders are still a program and not human, they need to be guided accordingly. One way to do it is make the URL simpler and easily understandable. This can be done by avoiding special characters, extra-long sentence, using too many numeric or just including anything irrelevant.

7. Make use of the right keywords in the image

Images are of extreme importance in search engine optimization.

If you have noticed, which pretty much you did, Google has a separate section for image searches on its homepage. It clearly tell how concerned it is with pictures and its keyword.

When the user wants a certain image they type in the keyword, for this very reason you must use the right keyword in the image and the text followed.

8. Publish original and unique content and post it consistently

When it comes to content creation, you need to be disciplined.

New content is important because it brings the ‘freshness’ to the entire over-saturated space. The easiest way to optimize your freshness score is by posting consistently.

If you’re a brand and have chosen to market it online- creating unique content is not just an option- it’s a must.


A brand must keep in mind that constantly changing the domain name might be an obstacle for the growth. Pick one domain name and stick to it till the very last. For this very reason, take time to research and then create something unique and exceptional.

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