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By crux creative solutions

April 10, 2018

With the dawn of web development in India and the high-speed internet, people have grown to develop unbelievable speed expectations. Consequently, any amount of waiting makes them drift away. However, it is practically impossible to avoid any delays following the volume of data that gets downloaded or processed. It is in such situations that web design companies have lately started resting substantial considerations on pre-loaders.

Pre-loaders are what you see on the computer screen while your webpage is still loading. They hold minor importance in the development of a website, which is why they are been often overlooked in terms of creativity. However, of late, web designers have started using creative loading animations that lend an overall inventive feel to the website.

Crux Creative Solutions Pvt. Ltd is one of the best-established web design agency in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. We are a vibrant community of innovative web designers who consistently endeavor to bring out best of creativity and sensibility in each of their work. Providing reliable web design services in Delhi NCR, we have achieved a niche in dynamic website designing with some of the best website designs dwelling in our kitty.

Therefore, being the inquisitive team that we are we bring forth some of the most creative and engaging loading animations that you will surely want to include in your next website designs:
Check out:

The Bookshelf loader

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The Rotating bird loader

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The Preloadeer

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The Ping-Pong loader

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The Swinging Monkey loader

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The Spinning head loader

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Micro animation loader

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The Tightrope loader

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The Hourglass loader

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And last and the best, the Superhero loader

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Amazing, weren't they? Being one of the best web design agency in India, CRUX finds contentment is always discovering novelties and ingraining them in our work. Stay tuned to CRUX to stay adept with the latest digital trends and eye-popping innovations.

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