Instagram Introduces Voice Effects

By crux creative solutions

November 15, 2021


When Instagram released Reels, a short-form video format, it was evident that the company was attempting to court TikTok fans. Now, it's added two features that are already popular on TikTok, maybe in the hopes of converting users who have been hesitant to use Reels owing to their absence. Text-to-speech is one of these methods, which generates a robotic narration for videos. Crux - A Digital Marketing Company in Gurgaon, introduces you to the major features of this new update.

The new features, which are housed in the Reels camera's text tool, allow users to have an auto-generated voice read text from the post to offer an audio commentary.

"We realise that sound and audio are one of the funniest components of creating a Reel!" wrote IG in a statement to its users announcing the new features. Users can pick between two voice options (male or female) when adding this new feature to their Reels.

The platform now includes Voice Effects in addition to text-to-speech. Users can change the audio track as well as the narration in the post. Helium, Giant, Vocalist, Announcer, and Robot are among the effects available. These choices are available in the audio mixer tool, which users can use after recording a reel and editing it.

When a user writes text into their movies, they may now use the functionality hidden behind the Text bubble in the lower left corner of the screen to have an auto-generated voice read it out loud. Then, before submitting their video, they must choose between the two available voice options. While text-to-speech will make Reels more accessible, it's also popular on TikTok since some people find having a robotic voice narrate their actions amusing.

The company's message earned over 34K likes on the first full day after the features were disclosed. Many digital marketing services in Gurgaon including us know that Instagram has been focusing much on digital marketing as a whole and desperately recruiting younger customers thanks to recent parliamentary hearings on Facebook and other interviews by Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen. Since the start of the Reels video programme last year, it's been clear that IG is competing with TikTok, a rapidly growing site.

The template for successful social content — short videos that are easy to edit and reply to in kind — is the most significant thing to take away from these updates for marketers. (Think of it as a "challenge.") Brands can reach audiences through these platforms' large networks of Influencers, but in order to take full use of TikTok and the Gram's fashion-forward buzz-generating campaigns, a brand plan must be in place. In this scenario, the amusing computer-generated voiceovers are now a thing.

It's debatetable but moreover true that instagram holds the key to bring potential customers to your brand. Know how to grow your instagram audience by making genuine posts and staying active. Get served by Crux, one of the best digital marketing company Gurgaon for your brand’s digital presence.

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