How CRUX evolved with the evolution of seo

By crux creative solutions

April 19, 2018

SEO is that digital bird which has gradually opened its big wild wings over the last decade. From 2000 to now, the entire content landscape has changed vividly. We didn’t even realize but all of us got accustomed to the little incremental changes that kept happening, slowly evolving SEO.

Check out how Google SERP looked back in 2000:

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So, now you see how SEO has evolved over the years in such a drastic manner. This evolution of SEO, on the other hand also resulted in the bringing of equivalent and complementing changes in the content style. CRUX Creative Solutions Pvt Ltd is one of the best SEO agency in India. We understood quite early that changes will ensue and hence, were always well-prepared for adjusting to any revolution. We not only agreed that the transformations would come but also found ways to enhance our services on those lines, hence becoming the most-preferred SEO company in Delhi and Gurgaon.

The most prominent change we can possibly comprehend is the search behavior and the subsequent changes in the keyword patterns. Gone are the times when people just typed Shops CP to search relevant shops in Connaught Place area. The users have become quite conversational leading to searches like best shops in CP for leather shopping. We have become more specific owing to the refined and better search results we get now. Following the lead, CRUX known for its SEO services in Gurgaon has adapted well to such transformations. We are equipped with a skilled team of professional who knows well the matrix of SEO. Our optimization strategies have advanced progressively yet adeptly complementing the evolution of SEO.

Also, Google is far smarter now. It has been a substantial period since when Google has stopped blindly hopping over mere keywords. Google is now wise enough to differentiate between relevant and spam content, regardless of their optimized keyword density. A recognized SEO company in Delhi, CRUX leverage on producing quality in preference to quantity. CRUX is not a part of that rat race where ever another agency is motivating on furnishing as much content as they can with an expectation to be ranked high on searches. But to their discontent, this is hardly the scenario. Each of CRUX’s work is rich in form, style, and information.

Not just these, CRUX has amazingly grown as the best SEO company in India because we have effortlessly attuned to SEO transformations. Valuable link building, mobile-friendly data, and social media savvy content are the ways we keep our SEO services unmatchable and of the highest quality.

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