Guide for Graphic Designers- How to feel energised while working from the comfort of your home

By crux creative solutions

June 30, 2020

Guide for Graphic Designers- How to Feel Energised While Working From the Comfort of Your Home

A desk is a highly essential piece of equipment for a Graphic Designer. No matter where they are, they will always require a set up consisting of two things- A place to sit and a table to place their system. Staring down at your lap all day is a very uncomfortable option.

So, if you want your desk to not be a torture device, as a leading graphic designing company, who has been promoting work from home in this pandemic, have listed things that you must do to enjoy the time while being at your desk.

Fix your entire set-up and alignment

We all know how comfortable it is to just be half-laid on the couch or bed and then work while keeping the laptop on your lap or low-rise table. However, we would like to remind you of the long-term side-effects of slouching and not sitting properly, it will haunt you when you are old. So, to avoid all the future back-aches and posture issues, you want to aim the following:

  • Your upper body must be angled at 90 degree
  • Sit with the back straight, initially, it will be uncomfortable but you will get used to it
  • Your leg should touch the ground and feet should fall flat on the ground
  • Arms must bend at the elbows and not lower than that
  • Fingers when hovering over the keyboard or mouse must do without bending the wrist
  • Eye-level should be at the screen and not up or down, ensuring that you do not generate neck sprain

Standing Desk

So, sitting for a long period can be the cause of various health issues like- high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and in some rare cases, even cancer. So, if you switch to a standing desk even for a few hours a day, you can easily burn extra calories and might eliminate some of the health risks. We are also a presentation designing company and the feedback we have received about work from home is their long-sitting hours. They have been practising standing and working theory, and it has been great for them and made a huge difference.

That being said, you do not have to invest a lot in a standing desk, when you have already set-up a sitting desk. What you can do is, invest in a cheap but stiff wooden riser, and fix it on a wall as per your height (making sure that the laptop screen is at your eye-level) and you are good to go.

Break your day into intervals

So, the safest method as used by best graphic designing companies in India and also around the world is to take a short work break after every 25 minutes.

The main reason to break your workday into blocks of some assigned minutes is that it is easier to focus and you have a reasonable end-time insight, which will also ensure maximum productivity. If the work is more, you can take a longer workday block, anything will work that is reasonable. Continuous working makes it difficult to stay focussed.

The best way to choose a block time is by analysing when you naturally start to ‘fail’ and lose focus. When we say fail, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not a good enough worker, but it is when your brain signals you to stop for a bit, it is tired. The same happens when you work out, your body screams to stop at a breaking point and if you try to push further than that, there are chances of injury. Same is the case with a mental breaking point.

Trying to resist explaining every bit of your service/product can be the hardest part but remember to keep it very concise.

Try getting fresh air during the workday

Ok, we have talked a lot about workday breaks, but what you should be doing during those breaks?

Unless it is completely unsafe to step in the balcony, terrace or your garden, make sure that you take the effort of being ‘outside’ at least once a day. There are several health benefits of doing so. However, we know that not everyone has access to the ‘outside’ at places where they are staying. So, just make sure you open your windows, and doors for a little while for complete cross ventilation and just stroll from one point of your room to another. Keep yourself active.

Wrapping up

Just because all of us are stuck working indoors, in front of our computers, it is no reason that we cannot take steps to lessen the negative effects of working from the desk. Through a few adjustments and amends, it will be easier to work from the comfort of your homes while the earth is taking its time to heal.

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