Finding Inspiration for a Blog Post When You Hit Writer’s Block

By crux creative solutions

July 15, 2020

Finding Inspiration for a Blog Post When You Hit Writer’s Block

What exactly do you do when your inspiration for a blog post is really low? What is the ultimate What exactly do you do when your inspiration for a blog post is low? What is the ultimate solution to a writer’s block? How to look for ideas?

All these questions do not have any specific answer, however, if you are determined to write those blog posts or articles, there are ways to get inspired.

Be inspired by your audience

If your blog post has an open comment section, there will be a lot of positive (or negative) statements. But you might receive a few questions also. Some of these questions may have a straightforward answer but others may need elaboration. Those are the kinds of topics that may help you to get inspired and you can write about the topic that public demands.

Use Google Search Console for your benefit

Google Search Console has a performance report where it shows the search queries people use that your site ranks on. There could be few topics on the list that may inspire you to write more about it. Take your cue from there.

For example- If you have a beauty blog site and someone looked for beauty treatments while being pregnant, and you have never covered the topic. That could inspire you to write an article about it. That is how the best SEO services in Delhi and all over India works.

Make the most out of keyword research

Anyone with a solid SEO strategy will have proper keyword research. You already have keywords documented by someone under a list. The keywords cannot be a post or topic in itself but it can be used as a great start.

You can use one of the long-tail keywords and try to look for blog posts around it. Crux, as a leading SEO company in Gurgaon, suggests you to use this method and it will pay off.

Look for ideas on the internet

Every SEO service company in Delhi swear by one site- Pinterest. It is a beautiful source of inspiration for any given topic, especially bloggers. It can help find you enough input. You can type a keyword related to your industry and many search results will pop-up. It is always a great idea to derive inspiration.

Look for inspiration from fellow bloggers

The internet is full of ideas and inspiration. You can always stumble upon something that will inspire you suddenly. You can also join Facebook groups of bloggers and you will have your creative juices flowing. Discussing ideas with fellow bloggers is also a great way. Make sure you do not copy anything, stay away from plagiarism, just take inspiration and if you will, you can always credit the original writer for inspiration.

Look out for current topics

Another way of coming up with a blog topic is to look around you, read the news, be aware of what is happening around the world.

The relevant example is the current lockdown and virus outbreak. You can always mould your content according to your industry and create a relatable topic. However, stay away from taking advantage of the situation, make it more like awareness or you can share your thoughts or remedies with the public. The SEO services company in Delhi or across the globe will tell you to always look out for news sites for the latest information.

Take notes from your daily routines

Well! Every day we do so many things that can easily become an inspiration. You can write about things that happen in your day-to-day life or solutions to your daily most occurred problems. Or if you are working somewhere and your client or your company deals with a certain issue, you can mention those too.

Change your surroundings

Sometimes sitting in a single position while staring at a desk can cause loss of ideas and concentration. Take a little walk on your terrace, maybe visit a friend (be careful and take all necessary precautions in such time). Try things that will clear your head from the already clustered head. Think about something different than usual. Watch something new, watch documentaries or just change your physical and mental surroundings. As a leading SEO company in Gurgaon, Crux has always pushed its writers to take a break, to give their headspace a rest. It provides them with ample time to think of a new idea.

Make a list of ideas

So, there are days when you have lots of ideas coming through your mind, just do not shrug it off. Write it somewhere safe because even if we think we can remember it later, we sometimes cannot and that’s when this tip will be helpful. Write down the ideas anywhere, mobile phone, notebook anywhere, you can use these ideas when you feel completely uninspired.


Do not lose hope when you feel uninspired. You will find several ideas around you if you are willing to look in the right direction. Sometimes all it takes is a different approach to your perspective. For your other blogs, articles and other digital marketing related queries, Crux Creative Solutions, a leading SEO company in Gurgaon is always on their toes to help you out.

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