Does a Domain Name Matter for SEO?

By crux creative solutions

January 24, 2022

Domain name in SEO

Choosing the appropriate domain name used to have a significant impact on your SEO rankings. Things are a little different today. Exact match domains (abbreviated EMD) were a significant concern. Because the keywords were directly in the domain, Google would increase your results.. On the surface, it seems to make sense. We at Crux being one of the best SEO company in Gurgaon, believe that, if you were wanting to buy a computer and run a Google search, sites like or would appear to be the top places to find PCs for sale.

Other businesses employed subdomains and subfolders to cram even more keywords into each URL in the hopes of ranking higher.

Many other characteristics, such as referring sites and reputable information, were incorporated into the algorithm.

The results page clearly demonstrates the importance of site content. Previously, Google would display results and highlight the terms in the title tag, which frequently contained the domain. When conducting a search for purchasing a computer, keywords in the search question are now bolded within the schema markup or piece of site content.

Do Domain Names Still Matter in SEO?

Absolutely. That is how most SEO company in Gurgaon do it. Choosing the correct domain name is an essential component of any marketing plan. You should select a domain that complements your company's branding and is not overly complicated.

A URL's name isn't the only thing to think about. Companies should consider the TLD (top-level domain) component. It makes a difference if your domain ends,.org, or.computers (or any of the other thousands of options). We recommend that corporations and organisations use domain because most potential clients will believe that's how your website address ends. In other words, if your domain ends, it will be easier for people to find you. Local SEO results can also be improved by including the location in the domain or subdomain.

As discussed by one of the SEO companies in Gurgaon, in a recent Google Webmasters video, Google's John Mueller responded to a query on whether using a TLD will help a job posting site rank higher. His response is no, but there is more to it.

Should I Rename My Domain?

Most likely not, but it depends.
Companies and websites that have a strong brand and traffic do not need to alter their domain name. Building a brand takes years of effort and reputation management, and if a company is having success with it, don't modify it.

If your firm is newer and you are just getting started, you might want to explore a change. In general, when your company expands, you may want to expand your products or services outside the keyword you used in your domain. A domain with an exact match could limit your future growth prospects.

SEO company in Gurgaon focus on the idea to concentrate on achieving the finest SEO results possible with techniques that go beyond keywords.

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