Do Not Miss These Seo Practices!

By crux creative solutions

January 21, 2020

Do Not Miss These Seo Practices

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is still very relevant in today's’ time and can help your website to rank high on search engines.

Various SEO practices affect your website rank, so, Crux Creative Solutions, a leading creative branding agency in Gurgaon have accumulated the important ones that you would certainly never want to miss.

Let us get right into it!

Early-on addition of the main keyword

Before anything else, you would want to use the keyword a couple of times on your content page. But, did you know that the location of the keyword also played an important role?

You should mention the main keyword at least once at the very top of the first paragraph of your page. You will ask why does this matter? Because Google puts more weight on the terms and content that are placed or appear at the top of the webpage.

Formulate very unique titles, content and descriptions

You should never duplicate the content and must keep this best practice in mind forever. In fact, according to Google, you should avoid ‘duplicate or near-duplicate versions of your content across the site’ at any given cost.

This rule applies to every piece of your content, such as- title tags, landing pages, image alt text, category pages, meta description tags and eCommerce product pages. Any content taking up space on your webpage must be 100% unique.

Even if you are an eCommerce site owner, any branding services in Gurgaon or anywhere else will suggest you have unique content. It can be tricky but truly worth it.

Optimization of your title tag


While keeping this in mind, it is crucial to use high-quality titles on the web pages.

How to do it? Simply start your title tag with the target keyword, this action is also known as “Front-load”.

Well, every search engine takes a close notice of what target keyword you use in the title tag, this is the reason you would want your keyword in your page title.

However, sometimes adding the keyword at the beginning of the title may make the title look weird. So, do not worry. Just make sure to add the keyword early on.

Optimization of the site’s loading speed

Google has been criticized on several occasion of not publicly talking about its algorithm of what might and might not work.

So, when it does, you know it’s a pretty big deal altogether.

Site loading speed is one such factor. Google on various occasion has urged users to take care of their website’s loading speed time.

That is why, as one of the best advertising agency in Gurgaon, we recommend you to make your site load as quickly as possible. Especially on mobile devices.

Various factors can make your site slow, and that can make all your advertisement go to waste. Users are impatient and wouldn’t stay for long. So, if the site takes too much time in loading, there are chances of you losing your potential customers.

Image Optimization

Properly optimized images can help your webpage to rank higher on search engines.

The process to make the image SEO friendly is easy and can be done in two easy steps. Firstly, name your images with a descriptive filename. Google cannot view your image yet and can only segregate it through its filename. For better understanding, this is a very crucial step. Secondly, use image alt text. Google is mainly dependent upon alt text to understand the image. This process takes an extra few seconds but the results are worth it.


There is a lot more than optimizing the content on your web page, however, this is the basic rule of making your page appear on the top of the search result. Various other factors are affecting your website, about which we have discussed in our previous blog. As a beginner, this guide to optimize will help you sail a long way.

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