The best digital media campaigns for some great inspiration, with CRUX’s takeaways

By crux creative solutions

April 25, 2018

Often we encounter a fabulous digital media campaign by some brand that gives us creativity goals. Social media marketing campaigns are the latest way of connecting with your targeting audience and thereby inflating sales. But the recipe for a great and successful online campaign is still a secret. After repeated efforts also, many could not decode the formula for creating innovative campaigns that can attract the audience like honey attracts bees. However, a very successful contradiction to this scenario is CRUX Creative Solutions. We are a leading social media marketing company in Delhi NCR that owns a brazen experience of curating engaging social media campaigns.

A rapidly growing digital media marketing company in Delhi NCR, CRUX understands well the importance of periodically generating social media campaigns. They are a powerful tool for engaging and attracting the audience. This becomes the reason why we also keep trailing quality campaigns by other brands as they make for top-notch research material and inspiration.

So, today we have brought forth a lowdown on some of the best social media marketing campaigns by leading brands that have forced people to stop, think and wonder:

IAPC- #LaughAtDeath

Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC) ran the best ever awareness campaign. The video shows temporarily ill patients doing stand-up comedy, talking and laughing at death. Now, this is what you call a heart-melting experience.

Takeaway: CRUX, the top online media marketing company in Delhi NCR, firmly believe that there is always a way of making impossible, possible. Something out-of-the-box will surely find a place in your heart.

British Airways-Fuelled by Love

The campaign showing two different nationalities bonding with each other instantly hit the right cords. It was also one of the best digital media marketing campaign driven by emotions.

Takeaway: Emotions’ the king when it comes to us, proud Indians.

Coca Cola, #LiftTheFeeling

An ad film featuring Deepika Padukone as herself stuck in an awkward situation with a fan; so relatable yet super goofy and fun. This campaign from Coca-Cola was an instant hit among masses which further made the owners come with another part of the campaign featuring Diljit Dosanjh.

Takeaway: Being one of the top social media marketing company in Delhi NCR, we believe that in India celebrities and further depicting something to which everybody can relate will surely yield fantastic results.

Vicks, #TouchOfCare

Vicks opted for quite a unique and unconventional choice with this campaign asking the audience to redefine the concept of family care. It shows the real-life story of Gauri, a transgender mother who adopted a girl, Gayatri.

Takeaway: CRUX, the best online media marketing company in Delhi NCR finds that using strong emotions to steer forward the purpose of your brand is smart campaign idea.


Flipkart launched this campaign to promote their new offers. The video showing kids talking like adults was both fun and cute. They further ran an intriguing contest on Twitter. The entire campaign was a huge success with over 11.5 million views on YouTube and received 1, 34,757 impressions on Twitter.

Takeaway: Humor is a guaranteed strategy for a winning social media campaign. And as a digital media marketing company in Delhi NCR, we too incorporate this plan into our work.

So, now you see, creating an online campaign isn’t that a hard task to do. CRUX, the best social media marketing company in Delhi NCR has always believed that honest and strategic research and some creative brainstorming can do wonders in the realm of digital media.

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