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By crux creative solutions

July 13, 2021

All About Creating A Blog - Crux Creative Solutions

Almost everyone seems to have a blog these days. Blogs may be a terrific way to document your hobbies or interests, keep track of your daily activities, keep friends and family informed about your life, or even as a serious career decision — many individuals now make a full-time living from their blogs.

Everything can seem daunting if you're new to the world of blogging. There are many themes and blogging platforms to select, not to mention the promotion, monetization, and the world of social networking. We at Crux - an SEO company in Gurgaon, still stand proud of our talent to craft unique and effective blogs for our clients and partners.

Come Up With an Idea

The majority of people come up with a blog idea before actually creating the blog. If you're establishing a blog on a hobby, such as a craft or fishing blog, or a general "lifestyle" or a personal blog, this is undoubtedly accurate.

However, if you're establishing a blog to make money, it's natural to be unsure of what you'll write about.

Start by thinking about random topics that you're interested in, and then research their potential depending on how much content you can produce and how likely they are to bring you money.

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs out there, so whatever you come up with is sure to be popular and have at least a modest audience interested in reading it. However, don't limit your blog's scope too much – a blog about babies has far more potential than a blog on "best disposable diapers," which is an SEO Services in Gurgaon believe not to mention being far more fun to read!

Choose a Platform

When setting up your blog, you have two choices: using a hosted blog platform or self-hosting.

Many people pick a hosted platform when they first begin blogging because it is convenient and straightforward, but self-hosting has significant advantages.

It may be tough to switch platforms once you've picked one, so conduct some research before making a decision.

Free Blogging Platforms

If you're not technically minded and don't want to spend a lot of time setting up your blog and don't want to pay any money, free blog hosting is an excellent alternative for personal blogs.

Some of which we one of the Best SEO Company in Delhi NCR use


Free blogging platforms are usually straightforward to set up and operate. If you need to get a site up quickly and aren't concerned with design and customization possibilities, one of these sites may suffice.

The biggest downside of free platforms is that you never truly own your website, which can be taken down at any time without notice. Some free blogging platforms place their advertising and branding on your site, and you're usually limited in terms of the quantity of content you can submit and the amount of traffic you can get.

Premium Blog Hosting

Premium blog hosting platforms typically provide more themes and customization possibilities than free hosting platforms, and you'll have greater control over your material and what you can do with it (for example, you can monetize your blog if you pay for hosting). Extra features, such as automated backups and the ability to use your domain name, are frequently included.

While paying for your blog has several advantages over a free site, you will still lack the entire independence and control that a self-hosted blog provides. Over time, monthly fees might pile up. However, if you enjoy the available themes and the platform backend and want a simple blog to set up and maintain, this is the ideal option for you.

Choose a Name

It's worth devoting some effort to coming up with a nice name for your blog, especially if you intend to monetize it in the future.

Choosing a memorable and catchy name rather than a dull and descriptive "keyword" domain is usually the best option. So, rather than, might be a better option.

You might also create a personal blog under your name, such as This is especially useful if you want to establish yourself as an authority in your field or use your blog for marketing your services as a freelancer, coach, or consultant.

This is a less appealing alternative if your name is difficult to spell or is extended.

In general, pick a name that is short, memorable, and easy to spell. When telling someone your blog name, avoid using digits because it will be unclear whether you mean "7" or "seven."

While having a different blog name and domain name as feasible, it is not encouraged. If the name you want is already used, it's better to go with something else rather than trying to fit your website into a slightly different form of the same name.

Creating Content

Congratulations! Now that your new blog is up and running, with the help of all our methods from years of experience being an SEO Services Company in Gurgaon, it's time to start writing.

You don't need to pay too much attention to what you're writing if you're building a personal blog only for yourself or friends and family. However, if you want to create a following or make money from your blog, you must start with high-quality content.

Make each post interesting, amusing, and educational. You can vary the length of your blog entries, but longer content is more likely to be shared and successful.

Nobody likes to read through a wall of text, so use plenty of headings, bullet points, photos, block quotations, and other visual components to enhance the visual interest and make the piece easier to scan.

Unless your blog is strictly personal, it's a good idea to make a list of potential blog post topics, so you're never stuck for ideas.

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