5 Tips to Harness your Business with Social Video Marketing

By crux creative solutions

March 1, 2019

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Social Media Video Marketing is part of integrated business plans designed to increase social media engagement through videos. It is an efficient method for driving brand loyalty, building trust, and boosting conversation between the brand and the audience. Animated Video Production Companies in India use video marketing as an aspect for developing their client’s business worldwide.

Social media video is maybe not the only medium of marketing, but it is a major one to propel your business. Here are a few tips that every leading Corporate Video Production Company in Gurgaon include to create fruitful video content.

Create & Share crisp, value-oriented content:

Creating short and value-oriented videos is one of the best ways to increase engagement on your social platform. It can help your brand attract the right kind of attention, spread brand awareness and even improve your organic reach. Digital marketers at CRUX have noticed that videos of 60 seconds to the informative videos of 2 minutes, all are popular on the social platforms. According to a recent research done by Hubspot, here are the most recommended periods for social media video to get the better results:

  • Instagram Videos: 26 Seconds
  • Twitter Videos: 45 Seconds
  • Facebook Videos: 1 minute
  • YouTube Videos: 2 minute

The question is what makes social videos so popular? One of the obvious reasons is that they are short and secondly, they do not consume much time of yours. Apart from that, social media users today want to…

  • Consume information without wasting much time.
  • Keep track of the latest happenings
  • Be updated about what is happening around them
  • Get entertained at the moment before moving one

The reason for being the videos so popular is that 80% of the social media content is consumed via mobile. Therefore, if your video is engaging enough, then you succeed in building strong relations and increasing the number of social shares.

Use the first 10 Seconds Wisely:

What do you do when a video ad pops out before your show on YouTube? You skip it unless that video grabs our attention! Right? According to the researches, the human attention dwindles between 8 seconds to 12 seconds, which is even lesser the attention span of a goldfish. While creating video content for your brand, always make sure that the first few seconds of your videos make the audience curious. Thus, write a script to make the viewer’s stay and watch the full video. The opening of your video must grab the attention of your audience. Try asking a question or showing something which is interesting. Engaging video content in the beginning of the video has the power to hold the users for full video.

Tell an impactful story:

Selling your product and grabbing the attention of the audience is the daunting task to do. The fact of the matter is nobody wants to be bombarded with irrelevant stories and advertisements. Things are changing, so as the people. Today, it is all about the people who can tell the best stories and engage the people. And, videos are helping us in telling stories. Since not every video can make your audience feel the video content, so here are three steps for improving your storytelling via videos.

  • Introduce characters that can build a bond or connection with your target audience.
  • Add an interesting angle to your story. It helps the attaining the interest of the viewer.
  • Before creating videos, have a clear vision in your mind that what you want to show.

Focusing on storytelling add values to your content and hits the emotional chord of your viewer. It also helps in maintaining strong brand by delivering proper messages about your product or services.

Add a call to action:

Marketing is all about applying the right strategy! If you know the strategy, then you are set to rock. Your content should not only worth watching but also worth sharing. Because, if your video is not encouraging your audience to act then what is the use of creating video content for your brands? To encourage your audience to act, you first need to identify the objectives and goals that you want to achieve. For example, if you want to generate leads through video content, then your content should be compelling enough to make the audience provide their contact details. Always include a call to action at the end of your video, such as learn more, share now, shop now, etc. If you want to make your viewers watch more videos of your brand, then you can also attach ‘Watch More’ call to action link.

Use Explanatory Animations:

Use of animations in the videos these days is one of the powerful trends in social media video marketing. Animated videos are likely to attract more attention and explain the topic more effectively. Thus, we can say that explanatory animated videos will dominate the year 2019 ahead! What makes that animated videos so popular is the ability to take the complex videos and visualize them in a clear, informative, and engaging way. For IT industries and other technology companies, explanatory animated video production is a great tool for conveying their messages to the audience. Social media video marketing has huge potentials to drive the engagement! This is why it is important to create impressive and rich-content videos. As a leading Animated Video Production Company in Gurgaon, we hope the tips discussed above will help you in mastering the art for producing video content.

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