Why should you start Video Marketing from today?

Why should you start Video Marketing from today

Have you ever thought what kind of content users like to consume on the Internet? If the answer is yes, then keep up this spirit and if the answer is No, then we are here to help you. The audience loves the content that takes a few seconds or minutes to present its whole concept. Because most of the internet users are, young and they have extremely low levels of patience. This is why; the videos have taken a sudden rise in the world of digital marketing.

According to the experts at our video production company in Gurgaon, there are numerous benefits of including videos in our marketing campaigns. Some of them are as follows:

A Great Source to Boost Social Media Engagement

After Twitter, Facebook introduced the feature of auto-play videos to their feeds for making content more useful and entertaining for the audience. Moreover, YouTube has also improved the quality of videos and has made the searchable features easy. This is why brands with offices at Gurgaon and other cities across the globe have started using videos as an essential part of their campaigns to engage and attract their prospective audience.

Google Loves Videos

Watching an interesting video, rather reading a long text-based article, is now everyone’s first choice! Moreover, Google wins the attention of web crawlers through it as websites with videos get more exposure as compared to long articles and blogs. The trick is here to optimize your videos in a way that crawlers can catch them and bring higher on the search ranks. Include SEO friendly titles & descriptions and the first page on the search ranks will be yours for the taking.

A Smarter way to improve your CTR

We all know that this is the era of users with almost no patience; nobody wants to wait or read long articles for the information. This is why, when we see videos or GIF written on the subject line, our eyes start sparkling. Videos have a tremendous impact on your e-mail marketing! Your open rate and CTR will right away go on the top and unsubscribe rate will reduce through the practice of providing effective videos too. According to research on Twitter, tweets with pictures, GIFs, and videos get more re-tweets as compared to other text-based tweets.

An Effective way to stand out among your Competition

The truth is not many businesses have started using video marketing for marketing their online business. Because, using video, as a marketing tool is expensive and still many people cannot afford it. Including videos in your marketing campaign does not only deal with your competitors but also helps you immensely in gaining the trust of the audience. Explanatory videos produced by our corporate video production company in Gurgaon help users to understand about your products and services effectively.  

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