Why is brand image so important?

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We often hear that brand image is important and must be cared for. You may have already noticed that some brands attract more attention than others. But then how do you create a good brand image? What makes one brand more attractive to us than another? And what does a brand image bring to a company?

When a company communicates about its image, it communicates about how consumers will perceive itself. To build and maintain its image, a brand must use a marketing strategy. It will make it possible to analyse consumers’ needs and all the means to be used to influence their behaviour. In this way, the brand will be able to create the value perceived by the customer and adapt its commercial offer and products to the desires of consumers. Marketing also allows a brand to ensure a positive image in order to promote the marketing of its products to a targeted audience.

The purchasing process is triggered by the identification of a need. This is why understanding the consumer’s purchasing process requires first of all an analysis of their needs. The Maslow Pyramid is a good example to illustrate the classification of needs. A need corresponds to a feeling of lack felt by an individual, which leads him to act to fill this need.

The brand image can be built in 3 points

1. Good knowledge of its brand

First, it is essential to determine the company’s mission, values and target audience. Not to mention the need to know the desires of customers, the supply of competitors and current market conditions.

2. Determine the message that the brand image will convey

Secondly, the company will have to determine its distinctive aspect, whether it is its values, its prices, the reliability of its products or the provision of an exclusive service. The message conveyed must express what it wants to its target customers. She may then ask herself some questions such as how she should be perceived by her target audience or how the brand’s message and values will be presented to customers.

3. Define your name and visual identity

Finally, the company shapes its brand image, in particular by its name, slogan and the visual identity it chooses to give its customers (logo and graphic charter).

To develop your brand image, there is nothing like increased communication on all available channels: a website, a blog, social networks, marketing tools or even print (brochures, business cards, etc…).

A brand image conveys a strong message to customers and will positively influence your company’s sales. Knowing your consumers will give you the information you need to maximize the power of the social web and take control of your brand image.

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