Who Listed 6 Things That Should Happen Before the Lockdown is Lifted

Countries like India and the U.S, are really anxious to get their economies back to being usual. So, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has put up 6 conditions that should take place before any lockdown is lifted to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which is officially known as COVID-19.

The guidelines for a strategic plan to handle deadly global pandemics are:

  1. ” Sporadic cases and a cluster of cases, all happening from known contacts or importation” must be limited at any cost.
  2. New cases coming from travellers must at all cost be detected and handled well by health authorities.
  3. All suspected cases and confirmed cases must be detected as soon as possible and must be effectively isolated. Also, they must be put into 14 days of compulsory quarantine.
  4. The vulnerable population should and must be equipped with tools to minimize the infection.
  5. Workplaces must use preventive measures, allowing employees to stay healthy. Maintaining social distancing and hand washing should be compulsory at all cost.
  6. Behavioural preventive measures must be maintained at all cost and everyone should be educated to commit to stopping the transmission of this deadly infection.

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