Where Brands Now Sit With Audiences in This Time of Crisis

Where Brands Now Sit With Audiences in This Time of Crisis

Without a doubt, social noise is getting louder. The bigger the platform, the bigger the staple diet. From Instagram and Facebook to Twitter, every platform is overly saturated at this point. They are also the main way digital marketers target their audiences but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do that anymore.

The brands that are refining their unique social footprints are the ones rising at tops and becoming relevant at this unprecedented time. Provide top-quality customer care and ramping up social persona was always crucial but during these pandemic times, brands have a genuine opportunity to reach out users and help them in any way possible.

Having said that, COVID-19 is not a marketing opportunity to capitalise on, but this is the time of extreme understanding and playing your special unique role that might bring some difference in the lives of users.

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The health crisis is real, and it should be the priority for maintaining a social persona around it. The target customer shouldn’t just scroll past your brand before you leave an impression on their minds. A brand must ensure that a nuanced brand conversation was made with real humans and also fulfil the need of keeping the audience curious and engaged.

Brands that are completely ignoring the issue are risking themselves to be perceived as impersonal, cold and robotic. If you are a smaller brand and cannot contribute an offer or support, it is advised to at least step-up and share an uplifting message. Let us agree, a message would also work fine at a time of crisis like this one. The current situation of this pandemic- COVID-19 is global, open-ended, and is affecting every brand, business and individual.

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