What is the importance of brand image and why should it be implemented?

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5,000 start-ups have been founded in the last 5 years in the IT sector. All of them, without exception, are struggling through creative marketing campaigns to try to attract attention.

Not a day goes by that we are not told about a new product on social networks or other online media.

However, established companies have a competitive advantage over these new online competitors.

How important is a brand image?

Here we explain how to make your digital marketing profitable by creating a specific image for your corporate brand.

1. Digitisation involves new business models

The increasing digitisation has changed the existing structures. Take the Chinese e-commerce website Alibaba for example. Indian consumers order on the platform and all the intermediaries that could exist in this type of transaction before the Internet.

This process has worked for decades and has been disrupted almost overnight by these kinds of new business models in IT. White brands are particularly appreciated in the world of entrepreneurs: young companies create a product or service for another already well-known brand and thus win a new market.

These kinds of practices demonstrate the value of a brand: the experience, knowledge and feelings that people share with this brand are a real asset to the company and above all, it is an asset that no one can copy.

2. The growth of Internet competition?

More than anywhere else, the price war is raging on the net, thanks in particular to price comparisons. But that’s not all. It is much easier for an Internet user to go to the competitor: when in the real world two stores can be separated by miles, online, everything is just a few clicks away.

Under these conditions, digital marketing plays an essential role in the relationship with your customer.

3. Mass information

The highly competitive business world on the Internet also has its advantages: the avalanche of information on service and product offers makes it difficult to find your way around.

In B2C, price comparison makes it easier for consumers to make decisions. In B2B, especially in the service sector, other criteria must be taken into account, such as reliability, quality or trust.

For your brand to be successful, you need to analyze the values that are important to your target audience. This is crucial for your content strategy. Integrate these values into your company’s fundamentals on the online media you have at your disposal.

5 principles to follow to create your brand image

Corporate Branding is important to develop online visibility and understanding of your business. But how to choose which image corresponds to your company and how to set it up?

1. Refer to your target audience

Always think about your target audience when developing your online marketing strategy. For example, are they rational people or are they more emotional? From there, guide your deployment: from logo creation to design conception.

Use photos if you want to arouse emotion, or write more concretely and precisely if your brand corresponds to a more rational target audience.

2. Think about your key message

You will reach your target audience with a key message. This is the message that your entire online strategy should align with: the central message succinctly summarizes what the company wants to express and its core values.

Don’t forget to highlight this message through your content marketing as well. Should you offer testimonials from your customers or does a white paper better meet your needs? Are you a company that is characterized by its curiosity or are you known for your seriousness? Take a little height and look at the whole thing. What do you do better than the competition and how can you best promote this advantage?

3. Define a face and a corporate culture

Consumers increasingly want to know who are the people behind the products they buy on the Internet. If you personally guarantee your products, it increases the user’s confidence. You give your products a face. You can then easily communicate on the history of your company, its beginnings, key dates.

Even the employees of your company have a role to play and can improve its image. After all, the quality of your company is also measured in their expertise. Post photos of your employees from time to time to show your customers who is behind your products or services.

Your executives can also take part in their organization’s content marketing as an article author for your blog and thus contribute to the development of the brand image.

4. Involve your customers too

Feel free to communicate with your target audience, inform them about new trends and get feedback via social networks. You can regularly assess whether your content marketing is perceived by your target audience as you had planned: there are tools to help you in this work, such as SurveyMonkey.

The development of a brand image on the Internet is increasingly becoming a continuous process in which your customers communicate and share their experiences and feelings about your brand. You can publish photos taken by them on your site or on your pages among social networks.

5. Content marketing will define your brand

With the increasing digitalization of products, services and processes, it is becoming easier for your customers to switch to the competition: the latter is just a click away. Only by positioning your brand in a sustainable way with your key message will you gain a competitive advantage.

To do this, define in your marketing strategy the type of content you want to reach your target audience with. Try to integrate your customers into your communication and be transparent. This is how we acquire the infinitely precious trust of Internet users.

Now that you know how important a brand image is, get started and build your company’s corporate brand with our corporate branding services. To know more call us on +91-124-4207905 or contact us here.

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