Do you know that your website design can affect your PPC Campaign Performance?

Are you new to Pay-Per-Click advertising? According to the current digital marketing trends, people who are new to PPC or beginners at PPC, do not pay much attention to the website designs. Their focus area majorly revolves around ad groups, ad messaging, and conversion tracking. However, the website design has a lot to do with your PPC performance.

Web developers at the digital marketing companies in India understand that acquiring qualified users to click on your ads is a crucial step in any paid search program, and if users do not like what they see and experience, then your PPC campaign performance is likely to suffer. This post about PPC and website design will present some features of the website that affect the PPC performance of your campaign.


We all live in a mobile world! The numbers of mobile users are much greater than the number of internet users on the tablet, laptop, or computer devices. Therefore, internet visitors now want responsive websites. The content of the website should look the same as it looks on the full screen of computers and other devices. Without a responsive website, you can experience a fall in traffic because visitors switch to other websites for the information. Eventually, all the hard work that you put in your PPC campaign will go in vain.

Page Speed:

Page speed is another factor that affects PPC campaign performance. As per current research on the internet, nearly 70% of the users say that page speed affects their decision of purchasing the products on the web page. Most of the visitors leave the website if they have to wait more than three seconds. A Digital marketing agency in Gurgaon focuses on page speed and design accordingly to decrease the loading time.

Technical Errors:

Another issue that affects PPC performance is the technical errors on the website. Being a web developer, you may not see any issue, but a visitor who comes to your website from different brochures can face the issues. Thus, if any visitors complaints about any website issue, take it seriously and get it solved soon. Technical issues on your website can take your business to the downfall.


Along with the technical aspects, the website needs to be aesthetic also. The objective behind the PPC campaign is to bring the users to your website, and they would only visit when your website succeeds in attracting them. The websites should be impressive because once a bad impression is difficult to overcome on the internet.


With the growth in the business, the process of achieving your goals also becomes complex. The web designers at the digital marketing companies in Gurgaon should not lose the sight of your website’s primary objective. Conflicting objectives can lead to undermining your PPC campaign performance. To know more about web development, hit the comment section below!

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