Want to Reach to your Audience Core? Connect with Crux Creative Solutions to understand your user’s Intent


Do visitors on your website get what they want? With over billion of websites, internet today has become a dense marketplace. As per the researches performed on the user experiences, 93% of online experience begins with the search engine, but instead of keywords, users put their intent forward to get the solution for their queries. With our extensive experience in providing SEO services in Delhi Gurgaon, and worldwide, to bring users to your brand, you need to reach to the core of your audience.

However, Let us first understand what exactly user intent is!

User intent is the purpose behind search queries performed by people on Google. It tells us what users are looking on the internet via their search queries. The type of user intent depends on the stage of the user in the buying cycle. Here are three main types of user intent:

  • Informational: When the user is researching and gathering information
  • Navigational: When the user is looking for something specific
  • Transactional: When the user is prepared to buy


So, how will you understand your audience intent? Here are excellent SEO developers back with the solution! Let us find out some simple tips by which you can easily get to your user’s intent and help in positioning your brand across the world.

  1. Let us understand with an example! If a person is looking for mattresses, then he must be looking it for himself, his kid, or his parents. So, queries like ‘mattresses for kids’ or ‘mattresses for old people’ divulge an intent and comes out with better and accurate results. Therefore, presenting content around specific keywords will not work now. Going beyond the keywords is the mantra for success!
  2. Another tip to understand your user’s intent is to put yourself in the shoe of your customer and try relevant search queries for your business. Analyse what comes on the search ranks and study each result. The top results help in understanding what is your target audience looking for and how can you update your strategy to get the positive results. If you are unable to find the relevant queries, then look at your Google Analytics. You will understand what kind of keywords people are using to find your website.
  3. Are you unable to understand your user’s intent after several efforts? The answer is simple! Go straight and ask your audience what they want and what their need is. Use surveys, forms, or ask questions through your social media platforms. People love to answer such things! This will not only help you in understanding the insights but also it will create a personal relationship with your audience.


As a reputable SEO Company in Gurgaon, we hope these tips will work for your brand! You can call us anytime if you are facing difficulties to serve according to the user’s intent. We will be more than happy to help you! To know more about our services, visit our Gurgaon office soon.

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