Video SEO – Content For A Progressively-Visual World

Why does video content matter? Did you know, currently, in 2019, 85% of the content available on internet is video content?

Consumers using mobile data, the majority of that data is being used for audio and video services. YouTube is currently the most significant video platform in the world, with 1 billion+ users and 1 billion hours watched daily.

But this does not mean instant viewership by default. Like any other aspect of digital marketing, increased viewership is only possible through solid strategy and following of best practices. At Crux Creative Solutions, the best SEO Company in Gurgaon, we have explained the same in few points:

Proven Methodology for Video SEO

If video content is not being seen, there is absolutely no point of creating it. In such cases, trust only a tech-savvy professional team from a leading SEO Company in Delhi or across India to come to your rescue. With plethora of video content on internet getting noticed takes some work. Video is no longer a novelty, and that makes having an actionable strategy for video SEO essential.

It is mindful to be aware of the following details:

  • First and Foremost- The NAME: It is mandatory to have at least 500 subscribers for your channel as soon as possible, because it is a criteria in order to claim a vanity URL and the channel must be at least 30 days old on YouTube. Having a catchy, relatable and unique name and content will help you achieve that.
    A top SEO Company in Gurgaon and across India will always advice you to have a username which is related to the business, catchy and should be attention-grabbing.
  • Use of correct Keywords: The channel keywords element lets marketers place important keywords to drive traffic to the channel’s content. We are the leading SEO service in Gurgaon and we know the importance of using keywords that are specially optimized for YouTube and will get the channel high rankings on Google.
  • Write elaborate Descriptions: Never skip the channel description. Think about it from a usability point of view – you want user to connect with you, have details and knowledge to have seamless experience. Moreover, your channel descriptions are the perfect space for you to add in your focus keywords intelligently. Take your time and brief your digital marketing partner about the authentic information and they will curate the top-notch description.

Companies that are not optimizing their YouTube channel by using keywords, linking, and branding, are losing out on a valuable opportunity to increase ROI. We, at Crux Creative Solutions, a leading SEO service company in Gurgaon have an ample amount of experience to curate the best in industry keywords, so you are always on top of the search results. After all, content creation and marketing may be investments, but correctly tagging, branding and linking on platforms like YouTube can greatly increase your returns.


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